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Natalie Schaefer
Works at Ogden Publications
Attended Robert E. Cook Honors College
Lived in Pittsburgh, PA
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Natalie Schaefer

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Can't wait to try this easy but genius recipe!
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Natalie Schaefer

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What a great TED.  This is just a great excuse to get outside and away from the computer.
The benefits of a walking meeting

Nilofer Merchant, Silicon Valley author and speaker, explains the benefits of a holding a meeting by walking with someone. Steve Jobs used this technique all the time--not that this alone will make you into a Steve Jobs.

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Natalie Schaefer

G+ General Help  - 
I keep getting emails every time someone in one of my communities posts something.  I tried going in through my profile's settings to turn this off, but I'm still getting them.  

Any ideas how to turn off the emails?

Thanks for your help!
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Daniel, that was a couple of days ago.  Now there is a bell icon - I think that is the control to turn off email notifications.  

Google - if you're listening, you're making this stuff too hard to understand and constantly changing things = confused users.  

Keep it simple by default - please.
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Natalie Schaefer

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Need a little inspiration in your work place?  Some crazy companies keep slides in their office headquarters.  
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Natalie Schaefer

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"I Believe I Can Fly"
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Oh my turtle... 
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Natalie Schaefer

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Found this gold nugget in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS archive today.  Too cool for words.  Also, who's got some scissors?
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Natalie Schaefer

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Natalie Schaefer hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Lindsey Siegele
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Thanks +Lindsey Siegele for hanging out with my boring self!
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Natalie Schaefer

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An awesome initiative by the U.S. Army.
The U.S. Army is working toward sustainability with its Army Net-Zero Initiative, which will include five net-zero energy, five net-zero water and five net-zero waste installations by 2020.
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Natalie Schaefer

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Check out this Healthy Snacking page my wonderful co-workers and I put together! It's complete with sweet pics and tons of recipes and ideas!
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Natalie Schaefer

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My mom used to make her own clothes and so did all of her friends.  How did we lose this skill?
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Natalie Schaefer

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Check out this really great blog for all kinds of upcycling ideas!
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Natalie Schaefer

Community Discussion  - 
+Blake Kirby 's post below reminded me:

As of yesterday, you can live stream the just hatched chicks and ducks from the office of +GRIT Magazine .  We're going to keep the camera running all day.

We're trying to figure out ways to incorporate G+ hangouts into our routine, and I'm really happy (and a little distracted) by our first results.
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Just took a cute.
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Online Editorial Assistant at Ogden Publications & Assistant to Editorial Director Bryan Welch
Honored to work for Ogden Publications, a rural lifestyles and sustainable living magazine company. We publish: MOTHER EARTH NEWS, GRIT, Natural Home & Garden, Utne Reader, The Herb Companion, Farm Collector, Gas Engine Magazine, CAPPER'S and Motorcycle Classics magazines!
  • Robert E. Cook Honors College
    Dual Baccalaureate: Cultural Anthropology, Journalism, 2007 - 2011
  • Humboldt State University
    Native American Studies Concentration for Anthropology, 2009
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Online Editorial Assistant & Assistant to Bryan Welch at Ogden Publications
  • Ogden Publications
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