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Question: what color is June?  (And just for kicks, let's mention something that's trending right now - say, Google Maps - in this and see what happens.  Come on, internet, gimme what you got!)
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So Marvin's about the only cool person on the internet right now.  Sounds about right.
I am the only cool person on the internet. Period. ;oP
Sorry I missed your little discussion group last night, I was sleeping,I was worn out from gnar checking and that incident with the dolphins  ;P
BTW If you haven't seen the Ziplining South Park, you need to
Incident with the dolphins?  *scrolling, scrolling...*
LOL  I guess nobody posted about it on google.  I was accosted by dolphins while kayaking yesterday,  I suppose they were "playing" but it was terrifying!  I'm sitting about 2 inches above the surface with about another 2-3 inches on the sides and these fuckers were jumping, charging me (never hit, they would just swim super fast toward the side of my boat and then go under it), and running alongside my boat, there were about 20 or so total, they would "play" in groups of 2 or 3 but just when one group would lose interest, another group would come around.  Terrifying.  I made Erin pick me up at the park so I wouldn't have to go back through them.  Fucking dolphins!  ;P
I can smell all the tuna jokes from here.
Mel, to those dolphins, you were piping hot fresh 'nar 'nar
I'm pretty sure I heard one singing "Big Yella Joint"  (my boat is yella)
Cobalt, that's a pritty nooime...
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