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Bridging Muay Thai With Sports Science
Bridging Muay Thai With Sports Science


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The second installment of Masters of the Teep - the series that highlights some of the greatest fighters to implement this most fundamental and hugely versatile Muay Thai weapon.

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5 of the best sweep artists!

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Muay Thai highlight of 70s Muay Thai fighter Sirimongkol Looksiripat.

Sirimongkol was a fighter who was ahead of his time in terms of his kicking - His ability to shut off an incoming attack with kicks were a particular highlight.

Sirimongkol beat legends like Han and Vicharnnoi, and won the Fighter of the Year Award in 1972.

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Winners of the Fighter of the Year Award 1980-1989.

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Therdkiat was quite simply one of the most amazingly technical fighters of his generation. He truly was a master of all weapons and extremely entertaining to watch.

This video probably demonstrates a tenth of what he could actually do but, as you can see, his teeps, knees and elbows were superbly executed.

Therdkiat beats some huge names. Victories include wins against Jongsanan Fairtex, Oley Kiatoneway, Orono Por Muang Ubon, Rainbow Sor Prantalay, Charndet, Cherry Sor Wanich and Neuthoranee Tongraja.

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Muay Thai highlight of legendary fighter Pudpadnoi Warrawut.

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No messing around here - 100 epic Muay Thai knockouts. Enjoy :)

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K1 Highlight of Thai nak muay Kaoklai Kaennorsing.

Kaoklai was a Rajadamnern champion in two different weight classes before fighting internationally in K1 and kickboxing events.

Kaoklai had a reputation for taking on fighters of any size, any time, and showing that size is no obstacle for a muay Thai fighter from Northeastern Thailand with over 100 professional fights to his name.

This video features highlights of some of the biggest opponents Kaoklai defeated - Yong Soo-Park, Alexei Ignashov and Mighty Mo.

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Highlight of French-Camaroonian Thai boxer Dany Bill - the most intelligent non-Thai fighter ever.

Dany Bill grew up in Stains (Paris, France) and began training at Nemrod Boxing Gym at the age of 13. He was one of the foreigners who travelled to Thailand in the early nineties to train in the muay Thai camps there and compete with the world's best.

He first arrived in Thailand in 1993 and stayed at the now world famous Jocky Gym along with Jean-Charles Skarbowsky and Stephane Nikiema which was owned by the 1970s muay khao fighter Jocky Sitkanpai. He had a total of 30 fights in Thailand including 15 fights at Lumpinee stadium and beat some of the greatest Thais of all time including Sangtiennoi, Nokweed Davy and Den Muangsurin. He also beat big foreign names like Ramon Dekkers.

Dany Bill was different; he was smart. He was a legitimate muay femur fighter which is extremely rare for a non-Thai. Dany technically and tactically outsmarted the Thais rather than using superior strength and power. Personally, I don't know another western fighter that has even come close Dany Bill in this department so, for me, he is the most intelligent non-Thai fighter of all time.

Bill is famous for his exquisite foot sweeps which he used to floor Thai fighters again and again.

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Highlight of Nong-O's impressive display of tactical mastery against Pornsanae Sitmonchai. Nong-O uses teeps and foot sweeps to disrupt Pornsanae's rhythm and to prevent incoming attacks while doing the damage with middle kicks.

This is a prime example of how to tame an aggressive fighter and use their energy against them.
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