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Time To Make The Donuts!
  Do you do donut math? Do you know about donut math? Am I the last to know about donut math? I read about this somewhere the other day for multiplication
fluency. But I cannot remember where … so I
promise I am not trying to steal anyone’s thunder … or don...

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Today was our first day back to school with kids. Tired? Yep.
Beyond tired. The kids were great. But they too were beyond tired. And bless their
hearts, sick. Almost every one of them told about being sick over the break. As
they coughed. On me. I tried. Re...

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Gathering My Thoughts
Where has the blogging world gone? Where have I gone? I can’t
believe the last blog post for me was in July of  2015 ! What happened
to me? What happened to my desire to write and connect with all the great
blogging friends I had found through the years. I ...

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whoo hoo twice in one week

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Clean Friends are the Best Friends!
I’d like to introduce you to a new blogging friend I have. What’s
so great about this blogging friend is she not only blogs, she lives right here in
my hometown AND her son attends our school (and I may be lucky enough to get
him next year … fingers crossed...

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July Currently Alllllready (insert whine)
Just a quick post to link up with Farley and her monthly
currently. I am off to Tulsa today to spend some time shopping with the girls
and dinner with the kids. I hate to see July it always means summer as I know it is almost over :(  I will return to comme...

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Monday, Monday
I promised myself I would blog today. And clean. And put away
the laundry. And cook. So far I have put away the laundry. I cleaned our
bedroom. I am in the process of cooking supper. And I have put off blogging. I don’t have anything exciting to blog about....

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So Sorry Winner Jennifer!
I’m late! I’m late for a very important date! I’m so so sorry I am
a day late on announcing the winner of my giveaway. I was just so exhausted
from all the fun weeding festivities. IT. WAS. AMAZING. I wish you all could have been there. It was
truly the mos...

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