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" power in America has officially grown up. The two largest solar power plants in the world—Desert Sunlight and Topaz Solar Farm, about 400 miles (640 km) to the west in central California—have come online in the past three months. While the first U.S. solar plant, built in 1982, generated 1 megawatt of electricity, Desert Sunlight generates 550 megawatts. Topaz produces the same amount. Together their impact on carbon emissions is equivalent to taking 130,000 cars off the road while providing 340,000 homes with clean energy. “These projects [are] the first utility-scale projects that are really on the scale of a conventional coal or nuclear power plant,” says Harry Atwater, a professor of applied physics at the California Institute of Technology."
#solarpower   #cleanenergy   #renewableenergy   #photovoltaicpanels  

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Read what is going on creatively in ‪#‎rhodeisland‬ in ‪#‎RICM‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎creativity‬ ‪#‎makers‬

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Love these old #providence pics...
Vintage Photos of Providence, Rhode Island, ca.1860-1880
(via Once Upon a Town )

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If you're near Providence Rhode Island, you're going to want to see this!

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Tesla isn't really about the's all about the batteries...

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Take a stand. Get involved. Stay vigilent. It's up to us to ensure that dollars do not equal votes......

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This exactly......
The top hit on [charlie abdul magazine] points to this excellent article by Kareem Abdul Jabbar clarifying that these attacks shouldn't bring Islam into it.  +1 to that.

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GOOD Lite: If You Really Love Nature, Don’t Live Anywhere Near It.

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RI beauty...courtesy of +Ed King...
*Galilee Golden Sunset - Narragansett, Rhode Island * This was photographed on the Drink & Click Providence, Rhode Island outing in Narragansett, RI. If you have checked a Drink & Click chapter near you out be sure too ! There is a themed contest each month (Golden/Blue Hour) and this month it is sponsored by
+c't Digital Photography                                    
+Think Tank Photo                
#drinkandclick   #RhodeISland  #Sunset #SeascapePhotography #NewEngland #Boating
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