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Georgia Bell
Writer, reader, navel gazer.
Writer, reader, navel gazer.

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Home Part One
It's been awhile, blog friends. I'm working on getting back to writing on a regular basis. No better way to get my writing muscles warmed up than engaging in a little Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction. Each week, the wonderful Chari Mills posts a writing prompt fo...

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Five Photos, Five Stories (Day Two)
Silence Only my breath and  hers to pull my thoughts away from the cold silence Thanks to  Sarah Brentyn  for nominating me for the  Five Photos, Five Stories  challenge.  I thought I'd try a haiku today. Sarah's are so beautiful and it's a bit daunting to ...

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Five Photos, Five Stories (Day One)
No Islands If I had the choice I'd return here again  With your hand in mine. And my heart in hand.  Thanks to Sarah Brentyn for nominating me for the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge. I'm calling this one No Islands and it is likely the first piece of p...

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He loves me, he loves me not.
Waiting has always been hard for me. So much so, that I believe I cultivated a habit of lateness to make sure I rarely had to endure the discomfort of waiting. I'm not much better at it now, but I'm working on sitting with uncertainty. Which, in this case, ...

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This week's challenge was to write about vices. Given that I have so many, I'm surprised that this was harder for me to write about than some of the other prompts we've been given. But I like the idea that vices are really just coping strategies.  *******...

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This Too Shall Pass.
I used to hate change. I used to resist it and try to organize it and predict it. Now, on a good day, I welcome it, and on a not-so-good day, I shrug and welcome it anyway. Change doesn't give a shit about me and my plans.  ****************** The air had ...

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I grew up reading science fiction and I was familiar with dystopian story lines before I knew dystopian was a word. This week's flash 99 word prompt from Carrot Ranch reminded me of so many of the stories I read in my childhood about a scorched earth or a r...

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Out Like A Lion
So far, 2015 has been full. Of surprises, of challenges, of revelations, of responsibilities. But I can see a bit of space opening up in the near future and I'm looking forward to getting my thoughts down more often. I'm happy to share this  week's 99 word ...

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Letting Me Go
Thanks to my friend Sarah Brentyn, who tagged me to write about a secret (her post is here ). If you're a parent who labours under the delusion that you have to be perfect to give your kids what they need, Sarah is the woman you want to follow. She writes w...

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Climbing my own Mountain.
This week's 99 word flash fiction was to write a lifespan. The prompt reminded me of a metaphor often used in therapy to explain the relationship between a therapist and client. Instead of imagining the therapist has more wisdom or knows more answers, a cli...
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