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Sacha Johnson

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My remix creation... I'm not sure what it says about me, except that I wanted to leave on a high note.

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I've added some inspiration for a future bike build to Pinterest. It's been a hobby of mine to restore a classic motorcycle and now that I've got one nearly done, I'm thinking about the next one.

It's my first time using Pinterest, but it's so easy I may end up using it a lot more to pin other types of research. I was thinking I could use it to pin reference management tools for research as well as interesting journals or articles. Has anyone used it for that?

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I know I'm super late, but I've finally published my week one reflections on my blogspot.
New MOOC - Week One
New MOOC - Week One

Hello all! I'm an instructional technologist for a local university in Southeast Idaho. I create learning objects for online science courses. I'm also one year into my instructional design doctoral program. I'm looking forward to learning more about creativity in the classroom and implementation in online courses.
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