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New Game of thrones trailer:

Two invites to are yours for the taking... let me know if you want 'em.

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Je viens de créer ma mini-adresse Google+ sur ( ! -->

I'm in love w/ Google+'s feedback mechanism. Plotting how to add a poor man's version to my next project. Hey google how about adding a version of it to the developer toolkit?

If you folks reading this haven't tried it, maybe that should be the feedback you send!

I'm eager to see how G+ is integrated into maps. I've always found the sharing interface on maps opaque and I love the idea of sharing & collaborating on maps with specific circles of friends, but I wonder what will happen over time. Let's say I start to see pins on a map shared by my circles... do those pins persist forever or are they attached to maps with specific titles (Dumbo Lunch spots, NY Photography galleries, great views...) etc...

Should I be thinking about this at 1AM?

I like it when New York is exactly what it's supposed to be.
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