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Project HOLA at Google
A new Google initiative designed to accelerate Latino businesses and community development online.
A new Google initiative designed to accelerate Latino businesses and community development online.

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Have you checked out the updated Hot Searches feature in Google Trends? By analyzing search data from across the US, Hot Searches can help you anticipate major consumer trends.

Head over to the Google Trends to explore what's on peoples' minds!

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Blogger and Your Business
Posted by +Toby Stein:

Have you considered using Blogger for your company’s website? You can create beautiful web pages, keep your customers up to date, connect with new customers, and even inspire yourself. Check out our blog post to learn from Blogger expert David Kutcher and see some amazing examples:

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Wrap Up: Get Social
Posted by +Vanessa Schneider:

In our latest Help Desk Hangout On Air, we discussed how your business can benefit from engaging with customers via social media. A few of Google’s community management superstars — +Jacky Hayward, +Sarah Price, and +Brian Rose — shared best practices for building great content, collecting feedback and communicating with frustrated customers. Miss it? No to worry: You can watch the full hour-long Hangout on the Google Business YouTube channel.

Check out the video description on the YouTube page for a minute-by-minute breakdown and our Small Business blog ( for a summary of some of the top questions they answered.

Be sure to join us for next week’s Hangout at 11 a.m. PDT Wednesday April 25, when we discuss how to get started with Chromebooks. We’ll be collecting your Chromebook questions early next week on the Google+ Your Business page.

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This is happening today!
Posted by +Toby Stein on behalf of the Pages team:

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like new features for your Google+ pages. But, we’re not done yet!

Tomorrow at 11am PST/2pm EST we’ll be holding a Help Desk Hangout on Air with members of the Google+ Pages Team. They’ll be on hand to answer your questions, share some insights into these new features, and let you know how best to use them. This Hangout will be broadcast live, so even if you can’t fit into the Hangout, you can still watch along.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Post your questions about Pages here - get creative, think big, ask anything. It can be about ideas you have, about things you like (or don't), about tips and tricks, or whatever else is on your mind.

2) +1 the questions you want asked.

3) The users with the most +1s on their questions will be invited to join at 2pm tomorrow! You won't want to miss this opportunity to talk live with the team behind Pages.

4) Check the Google+ Your Business page or tune in to +Toby Stein’s profile (where the event will be broadcast) to watch the most popular questions get answered live.

We’ll also be taking questions from comments on the +Google+ Your Business page during the Hangout, so, even if you’re not in the Hangout you’ll still want to share your thoughts. See you tomorrow!

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A few big improvements before the New Year

I'm really thrilled to announce new features and functionality, all of which will be rolling out in the next day or so... These aren't bells-and-whistles, but really deep improvements that I'm sure you are going to love.

The team knocked it out of the park... Huge congrats and thanks to the many folks who really gave of themselves to make this pre-holiday mega-launch possible. (I hope they find a moment to recharge during the holidays, because we have some awesome stuff planned for 2012!)

Enjoy, and as usual, tell us what you think so that we can learn, improve and adapt accordingly.


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Happy Holidays from Google!
Work it, Santa! Check out some of our +Google employees getting in the holiday spirit.

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ProjectHOLA hung out with 7 people.Yoly Mason, Blanca Stella Mejia, Carrie Ferguson Weir, Ana L. Flores, Purno Rz, Sylvia Lima, and Anthony Garcia

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy is creating open circles of nonprofits on Google+. Learn more about the organizations that are active on Google+!
An updated circle of nonprofits on Google+. Help us build our list by sharing others.

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Thank you for your support, Reina!
This is what happened when Eliana Murillo asked me how I use Google apps... I couldn't help myself, I'm a big fan, these products make my life easier! LOL!
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