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In honor of Veteran's day, and my passion for Google+ and social experiments, for every share this post gets between now and midnight tonight, I will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project. Limit $10,000.

My thanks to the veterans who have sacrificed so much.
Wounded Warrior Logo. My Story. "I won't let anything hold me down,. especially my disability." My Story. My Story. "When I woke up it felt. like my head just exploded." My Sto...
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About $87 in the first 30 minutes. Not bad, but we can do better than that. Thanks everyone.
This is really cool and the highlight of my day today!!! Thanks to you for making such a difference for these Vets!!
Well I don't mind helping out... :]
About 1 hour in, and 257 shares so far. Not bad. 6 hours to go.
Cool $303 dollars to get to the top of the What's hot list!
Awesome! I will do my part and share :)
shared.. and we all thank you so very much.. You are awesome for doing this..
I think this is a cool idea and very generous of you.
Thank you, Dharmesh. A noble cause.
Thank you. There are no other words to express my gratitude to you for doing this. May God bless you and yours.
+Dan Porterfield You're right, Dan. Those who get their legs blown off really appreciate all your help, I'm sure. Thank you SO much for your contribution! Troll.
I hope this gets plenty of attention. Obviously the cause itself is the bigger reason, but also, the Ripples for this post will be ridiculous.
+Dan Wilcox no problem dude/dudette... I see you removed your plus on +Dan Porterfield 's lame comment... mission accomplished. Have a nice day.
what the hell man all you're telling is the world you're donating 1 dollar to the veterans! get a life and support more!
Let us all stay on track here. He craves attention and he's rude....ignore him!
The wounded will be remembered along with the dead. RIP American legends.
Just started following you earlier today. Glad I did. Thanks for making a difference.
Jean, you'd be speaking German today if it weren't for our heroes that gave their all so you could ooze your lunacy.
well this is something for a noble cause we must contribute to the society
+Jean Louis: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)
You have such a simplistic view of the world. We need good men to exercise force, because evil certainly will, and if not stopped, evil will swallow up the earth. If only the world would be so simple that when good people stop exercising force everyone will. You owe your freedom and safety to good people putting everything on the line for it.
as the wife of a disabled vet and the mother of an active duty soldier stationed in the middle east i salute you and your compassion
This post found its way into my stream and I have some questions...

1. If you feel strongly about the cause, why not just donate the money instead of use it as a means to gain followers and in social media terms, profit from it?

2. You really need to scan and publish the receipt to ensure that there is evidence of the payment being made. Failure to do so could mean that this is just an opportunistic way for you to gain followers etc...

3. The humble and good thing to do would be to have donated the money anonymously...but then again, if you don't make a song and dance about it, how will you get all of the accolades.

I'm not hating but by the same token, the US military - and the US in general - is far from being the most ethical country around and I see no need to further support of the most heavily financed military in history, simply for the sake of a social experiment.

Does everyone take it on trust that the money will be donated?...If they do I've got to get into the give me a dollar for a donation gig!
+Matt Hudson You raise some good points, so will clarify a few things:

1. I plan to post a "final tally" with the amount being donated. Then, post an image of the receipt after the donation is made. You are right to question the authenticity of projects like this one.

2. This effort was not out of pure altruism. But, I was transparent in my motives in that I'm doing this both as a positive gesture and as a way to get some data and show my support for Google+.

3. I have not claimed to be humble in this effort. Though, recognize that you do not have to be humble to do good.

Rest-assured the actual project itself is legitimate. The donation will be made and I have a sufficient reputation online that trusting me to come through with my commitment is rational.
+Matt Hudson Really guy? I mean I agree with point #2 to an extent, but other than that, all that matters is that he's making a contribution. Eff his motives, his actions (or perhaps lack thereof) are all that matter.
+Matt Hudson, when I checked +Dharmesh Shah's page this morning, he had 4995 followers. Less than a day later he has added 123 more. It's interesting to see how this pans out over the next few days. Yours, the stats junkie.
Why say its a scam? If he wants more followers then let him have them, dont be such a blowhard
I must Sound like a dick, but its the first time am on this.
I thank you for this. It is beyond me how people can criticize. You didn't ask to be added to circles, you asked for shares. What does it harm to pass along the post? If we can share a cat gif without a care, and believe me I do, why not something that might actually do some good?
People should check who the person is before they accuse them. This guy has a lot more to lose than 10k if this were not legit.if he were not the real guy, the real one would have been here already and this thread would not exist. Think before you post accusations.
It is now 10pm, and we have 1,329 shares so far. Nice! 2 hours to go.

Also, though the post has received a few negative comments, the overall response has been overwhelmingly positive. In my experience, skepticism exists for a reason -- there are a lot of scams on the Internet. But, overall, we should try not to let skepticism get in the way of trying to do a little bit of good.


4 hours left and a great gesture for those who have served and those who are serving our armed forces!
Omar S
+Momchil Kyurkchiev Not by me! Anything that gets money into the hands of those in need is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. If i had to give them money I might also give them more scrutiny, but if I merely have to pass an inocuous post along, I'm fine with that. 
It is now 11pm ET. 1 hour to go and we are currently at 1,530 shares. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but that seems pretty good. Thanks to all that have participated so far.
i though there would be more, just click and you've donated to a very worthy cause. you'er a good man Dharmesh!
It's now 12:20 a.m ET here in Boston, so I'm calling this a wrap. Total share count is 1,798. I think that's pretty good.

Thanks again to everyone that participated with special thanks to +Chris Brogan, +Kelly Ellis and +Rick Klau who all have great networks and were kind enough to help spread the word.

I'll make the $1,798 donation and post an image of the receipt here this weekend.

Until next time.

Awesome, +Dharmesh Shah. Thanks for such a great tribute to our service men and women!
To those who have called me out.

Just for the record, I'm not a hater. Internet scams and "Social Media Experts" are a dime a dozen so as previously stated, it pays to be skeptical.

Secondly, I commend +Dharmesh Shah on his response. Well worded and addressed my questions. There is a credibility gain there which you don't often see on the Internet. I'm also guessing that haters would not respond with a word of thanks or praise...

Lastly, given that I come from outside of the US, I find your patriotism to be a little bizarre and much more akin to somewhere like North Korea or China (in terms of outward shows of patriotism and rhetoric) than any other western countries that you might naturally feel more inclined to compare yourselves with.

If you accept ANY claim on the Internet at face value you're opening yourself up to be taken advantage of. Your patriotism (or dressing up a scam as a patriotic act) would appear to be a weakness - From an outsiders perspective. And that's not a haters comment, just an observation.

Remember, there's a difference between a hater hating and a friend who's telling you a truth that you do not like...
Ack! I'm late -- but I'm in Washington, so it's not midnight HERE. Does that count? That is, after all, a factor in social media -- thinking about what time it is where your target is, and watching things roll across the world. :) (And thank you for doing this. My hubby is a vet, and that's an awfully good program.)
Why not just donate the $10,000 anyway rather than making it contingent on something like getting a bunch of people to share something on Google+? Didn't you intend to give away the whole $10,000 freely and cheerfully anyway? Or if it gets that high, would you make the donation a bit more begrudgingly?
Very cool! Thanks for doing this, Dharmesh. Great work. 2069 shares when all was said and done (including those after the fact). That's pretty darned huge. Might be the most shares I've seen yet.
Awesome Dharmesh.. I heard you speak at MIT angel forum and could tell you approach these acts with sincerity. Hopefully wounded warriors are helped by this act of public generosity and more importantly soldiers and veterans feel that their country hasn't abandoned them
Darmesh, you're a good man. On behalf of my brothers-in-arms, I thank you!
I'm sorry to see people conflating support for wounded soldiers with support for war. Personally, I thought this was an interesting and generous experiment, but maybe I'm just a foolish optimist. Thanks, +Dharmesh Shah.
+Evelyn Sprehe Thanks for your note. I tend to be a relatively positive guy, and don't let minor negative comments bring me down too much. My heart was in the right place.
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