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she that is neither one thing nor the other
she that is neither one thing nor the other

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This group just might get me checking G+ again. Thanks for the invite!

Any chance REM broke up because half the band wanted to keep Netflix and the other half didn't, and they couldn't figure out how to put up a Facebook poll on the matter?

So when is Talk Like a Ninja Day? #SilenceIsGolden

I don't want to diminish today in any way, but how many of you remember the OKC or original WTC bombings? Innocents are lost every day. "Never forget" doesn't belong to 9/11.

Turn around, turn around, it's a human skull on the ground.

Is there anything creepier than children singing? 

Both of my daughters have bigger feet than I do. 

Edgy New "Don't Be That Guy" Anti-Rape Campaign Launched in Ottawa
(via End Violence Against Women (EVAW) International)

I'd like to thank me for flying Me Airways.

I've never understood why a TV series would put "to be continued" at the end of an episode. Assuming it's not a well-received sci-fi show on Fox, doesn't that go without saying?
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