EveryDay1: A Hypothesis on How to Change the World

Yes, I did an annual review, I created goals for the new year, I have words (principles) to live by this year.

But my theory is that great change, the big goals, the transformation of a life, does not happen in projects or goals or the grand objectives.

Great change happens in the EveryDay.

EveryDay Week 1
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Well done my friend. I would like to tell you a story. All my life when I was a kid I was told I talk too much. It got to the point where I didn't share my thoughts, feelings, or ideas except among my closest of friends. Finally a few years ago I got this revelation, perhaps talking is my gift. Perhaps, some of the things I said came off bold, one person called it intimidating, and judgmental, but those things should still not silence me. If I wanted to be a voice for people who could not speak for themselves, I had to find my own voice and be proud of it. I say this because You are an accomplished woman, and yet when I see you or hear you, I don't hear that. I hear someone who seems unsure of who she is, but is trying to find it and help others find it too. That is a good thing. The world is overrun with people who swear to have "arrived" when the actions tell me otherwise. You have a voice Elizabeth and a platform, use it and you will accomplish your Everyday goal. There are people who need to hear what you have to say, and not only that, but welcome you. Love ya and hope we get to know each other better this year.
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