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The Following Is Commentary and My Opinion Only:
Universal Honky Team had their Cyber Bully Hack my computer, Track me down and they finally found me. 

First and Foremost, With My Most Sincere Gratitude & Thanks to Everyone, Especially the Hip Hop Community, Late Saturday Night August 2, 2014 VladTV3 Honky Monster & Crap, God reached an unprecedented 4K ‘LIKES.’  I was completely unaware that by early Sunday August 3, 2014 The Universal Honky Team’s CyberBully tracked me down through my computer and found the Motel where I have been hiding. They began Hacking and eventually Broke VladTV3 making the video unplayable: ‘An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later.’ As usual I started taking .pdf snapshots when everything began to freeze up on me. My computer eventually became completely disabled and I could not access Facebook, Google or anything on the internet so that I could not get this message out. I immediately packed up my computer gear to go to another Wi-Fi spot. That is when I became aware that several men were already waiting for me to leave the Motel so that they could grab me. They were waiting for me both inside the Motel premises as well as in the parking lot. I scrambled and dodged them and immediately went to the closest Wi-Fi access spot and Still they were able to follow me there too. Apparently, Word on the Street is that The Universal Honky Team and Slim Honky has placed a price on my head to get rid of me at any cost. 

Obviously if you are reading this message, I finally found another way to post this on Facebook. UNIVERSAL HONKY TEAM and SLIM HONKY – YOU HAVE NOW GONE TOO FAR.

By Now all of you may have already realized that I have lost not only my car and all my personal possessions but I am also literally homeless. I do not know how much time I have left so if this is to be my last post then I need to tell you as much as I can before it’s too late.
Attention Universal Honky Team: Isn’t the real reason why you won’t allow anyone to sign me is because you hold me personally responsible for killing your Cash Cow who is now permanently fucked up?

Ever since you received my Demo you have done everything you can to destroy me. Even with all your money and power, all your bullying tactics, threats and intimidation you never believed that MirandaWithLove would still be here 1 year later, going strong and still gaining more and more momentum. 

You had to have 2 major LA radio stations give away tickets every hour, every day, all day because you cannot sell out Honky’s concerts. Isn’t that why you had Power106LA ban me from posting at the last minute?  No one wants to see Slim and Rihanna. They don’t even play your songs. No one cares. Why is it just the Honky Monster Tour? Why only 3 cities?  Why not the Rap God Tour? Where is the MMLP2 Tour? 

Attention Slim Honky: I know you went back to the studio and rewrote MMLP2 to attack me. ‘My Life would be so much Better if you would just drop dead.’ You and your team analyzed and dissected all of my videos to steal ideas from me. For example using video game references like Zelda and claiming I’m stuck in a time warp from 2004. On Berzerk You stole my Blue Screen intro, Blonde hair and now you have an ‘All new hatred for blondes?’ You have to be one STOOPID MUTHERFUCKER to declare yourself RAP GOD & BRAINLESS on the SAME album. You have to be one STOOPID MUTHERFUCKER to go your whole career dissing your mom only to apologize to her now and let bygones be bygones because she’s your MA. Who the fuck states they are just a ‘White Honky Devil With 2 Horns That Don’t Honk?’ (Honkless Honky) Since when do you ‘Got friends on Facebook all over the world, not sure what that means, they tell me it’s good.’ Maybe that’s why ‘You feel so strange, got it all but you still won’t change.’ Then you watched all my posting behavior on Facebook and went after MTV to get the GLOBAL ICON Award (Global Honky)
Universal Honky Team: From the very beginning I told you that you would rather celebrate Mediocrity and promote talentless, worthless, obnoxious, ungrateful people than consider giving a chance to honest, qualified, genuine talent.  You don’t think I can see the signs of you stealing from me and then thumbing it in my face?  TI’s ‘Mediocre’ and Iggy’s reference to RIP Whitney.  Promoting the Sisterhood of Hip Hop ‘Chasing The Dream’ and ‘Changing the Game’ were my words not yours. Do you really believe those girls have more skills than I do? Since you cannot control me and I refuse to bend over and be your bitch, you would rather destroy any and all chances I have to be signed. I am a writer, producer, engineer, Vocalist & an MC. Fuck You for not wanting to invest in me.

You’re just like a mutherfuckin’ bitch who loses a rap battle and wants to hit his opponent; or worse yet, wait in the parking lot for him to go to his car only to roll up on him and shoot him because you can’t handle anyone laughing at you. You’re just another gay-ass, pussy-ass punk-ass cocksucker mutherfucker who can only be underhanded and sneaky. All you do is sucker punch me, over and over again.

No matter how much you try to keep me down and destroy everything associated with MirandaWithLove I keep taking the hits, rise from the ashes, dust myself off and persevere to continue moving forward. THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF HIP HOP. This is not a game for me. Hip Hop is a way of life. My Life. I am a fighter and a survivor. I believe in God. I believe in Truth, Honor and Integrity. I believe in Loyalty. I believe in Hip Hop. I’m not afraid to die for what I believe in. We all have a fate and if this is to be mine, then so be it. You’ve never had to fight for anything in your life. You don’t know what it means to sacrifice everything you have and Still have the Will and Determination to Survive. 
I’m not just any girl. I’m the girl who is willing to stand up to you. I have more supporters than you can ever imagine. Even in silence you can feel their presence. Everyone is watching.  United WE Stand, Divided YOU Fall. 

I’ve accomplished what I wanted to. I may never be signed but I was able to pull the curtain back and expose you for what you are. I let everyone know the truth. No one is ever truly discovered for their talent. It has always been Nepotism or Favoritism. Everyone in the industry; media, television, film are all somehow controlled by the monopoly of the Master Honky. You are his favorite. Without the Universal Honky Team, Slim, you would be nothing. Just a walking contradiction. A Fuckin’ Joke.


Let me make this very easy for you. Since you are coming to Los Angeles this Thursday and you already know where I’m at, come at me again mutherfucker. THIS TIME I WILL BE READY. I’m done running. I’m not going to hide anymore. Don’t send your hired help. I’m here. I’m waiting. I’m patient. I have nothing left to lose. You will NEVER be able to break my spirit. I will NEVER cower in fear.
I will NEVER bow down to you. EVER.

 Fuck Me? FUCK YOU.

 Feel me now?     

 See you after the show, Honky.

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I Joined Facebook July 26, 2013 and I would like to Sincerely Thank Online Friends, Facebook, Google, YouTube & VladTV for keeping MirandaWithLove Alive and Well.
I Love You : -)

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The Following Is Commentary & My Opinion Only:




Slim Honky Exclusive:

Slim Honky Collection I:

Slim Honky Collection II:

Slim Honky Collection III:

Da Hip Hop Witch:

MirandaWithLove Facebook 7.26.14

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Currently I am visiting Hip Hop Media Facebook pages and the Cyber Bully/Honky Mole is Following me and HACKING the moment I Post & Comment.  

MWL Facebook Comments (Before) HACKED 7.25.14

MWL Facebook Comments (After) HACKED 7.25.14

On July 23, 2014 the Cyber Bully/Honky Mole Hacked VladTV3 (Honky Monster & Crap, God) Facebook ‘Save’ Feature so that it appears as a Daily Bruin article link, which may or may not affect your ability to ‘View,’ ‘Like,’ or ‘Save’ the video.

Additionally, my Hashtags and ‘Posts To Page’ are Still not working properly and sometimes disappear. It also appears that the Hacker is capable of Slowing Down if not Completely Stopping my ‘Views’ and ‘Likes’ based on the amount of Facebook pages I have posted at.

Previous Cyber Attacks:
On May 7, 2014 The Cyber Bully/Hacker BROKE VladTV1, VladTV2 & VladTV3 Videos making All Videos Unplayable:

On May 13, 2014 The Cyber Bully/Hacker COMPLETELY REMOVED the Facebook ‘Like’ Button from all MirandaWithLove Videos:

VLADTV1 (YouTube) 5.13.14 3pm pt MISSING ‘Likes’ 13094 ‘Views’

VLADTV2 (YouTube) 5.13.14 4pm pt MISSING ‘Likes’ 10318 ‘Views’

VLADTV3 (YouTube) 5.13.14 3pm pt MISSING ‘Likes’ 3057 ‘Views’

Most Recently, My Google+ ‘View’ Counter somehow Stopped Counting since yesterday. The Cyber Bully also Hacked my Google+ page Removing posts which included my ‘4th of July’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ photo albums. (Thank You Google for Restoring these Posts). Despite these Relentless Cyber Attacks I’m Still able to move Forward, Especially with the Help of Online Friends. 
My Goal is Still the Same: To Be A Signed Artist

Thank You Online Friends
I Love You
I SERIOUSLY Love You : -) - MirandaWithLove

October 16, 2013:

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Brand NEW Facebook ‘Save’ Feature HACKED

Once Again the Cyber Bully/Honky Mole Hacked MirandaWithLove’s VladTV3 ‘Honky Monster & Crap, God’ attacking the Brand New Facebook ‘Save’ Feature. The Link now appears as ‘Daily Bruin: Variety of Candidates in GSA Election Raises Competition.’

Thank You Online Friends : -) MirandaWithLove

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