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Here's a picture of the DARPA Hypersonic Aircraft that can travel at 20 times the speed of sound. It can go from coast to coast in 11 minutes and ANYWHERE on earth in less than 60 minutes!

Regina Dugan of DARPA just talked about this on stage at TED.
This DARPA Hypersonic Aircraft travels at Mach 20, and can travel from New York to Los Angeles in 11 minutes and 20 seconds. The surface gets so hot it's almost like molten metal! Regina Dugan on sta...
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Only problem is you're exhausted once you get there because you've been screaming the entire time. I mean, look at that thing!
"Here's an artist's rendering of the DARPA Hypersonic Aircraft that may possibly travel at 20 times the speed of sound. It may go from ..."
Just think of it as fast roller coaster ride 
What airport would it land at though and how many passengers would it hold and the cost of a ticket
i could use one of those.
" It can go from coast to coast in 11 minutes and ANYWHERE on earth in less than 60 minutes! " -- It's a cool project, but so far, researchers have only been able to eek 3 minutes of flight from the X-41 after a 6 minute boost on a solid rocket booster.

And +John Hattan is correct about the screaming -- the only way you're flying on the fruits of this program is on the back of a hypersonic cruise missile. Think Major Kong's final ride in Dr Strangelove.
You launch it at ballistic missile trajectory. Make your Aid Defense Forces shit brix every time...
"If only we could land at more than one runway, it would make this baby useful."
And for the price of this puppy you could eliminate poverty and ignorance in most places where you'd be heading to eliminate the need for it. Just sayin'.
It disturbs me a bit that it looks like the starship that took Charlton Heston to the Planet of the Apes. :-)
Not quite teleportation, but damn close!
Now if they could find a way to cut out the airport wait times....
Sure, that is a real nice artist rendering, but hasn't DARPA managed to lose the first two aircraft during test flights, at $320 million a pop?
+John Hattan they said the same about automobiles barely a century ago.
Literally the same.
It is not eco-friendly. That glowing red-hot skin on the rocket ship - that is energy that goes into useless heat, not moving the rocket ship.

It is not so much hypersonic, as it is just HYPE. A comfortable accelleration is 0.1 G's (0.98 m/sec^2). Accellerating at that rate, it would take about 2 hours to get up to Mach 20, and about 2 hours to slow back down. Even if passengers are willing to accept 1 G acceleration, it would take 12 minutes to get up to Mach 20 speed and 12 minutes to slow back down. So the space ship would never get up to cruising speed when traveling coast-to-coast.
+Richard Tanzer sigh This is a UAV meant for testing flight characteristics at those speeds for future production of "strike anywhere" drones. Again, no real data has been collected since DARPA has lost the $320 million aircraft on their maiden flights.
Kenneth Knox - I don't know what a "UAV" is. But I do know that hypersonic aircraft will never be a practical mode of transportation. The supersonic Concorde, despite many millions of dollars from the Brits and French was never a commercial success; and no one else has made a serious attempt a supersonic transport since the Concord took flight more than 40 years ago. And the fundimental problems (physics and ecconomic) with the Concord have not changed since then.
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