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How could Rebecca Black beat out Steve Jobs? Or "Google+" as a search term for 2011? Seriously?
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I'm sooo embarrassed...I loved her Bieber song!
I've yet to search for her. I didn't even know who she was until I saw the Zeitgeist.
+Debbie Romero Did you see the GREAT Glee version of the song "Friday?" It was actually pretty good!
Who's Rebecca Black? I don't even know...singer?
no...didn't care as much for the song ...actually emailed the Bieber video to my grandkids. What can I say...still feel 15?
Probably because those that want Google+, iPhone, Steve Jobs, don't really need to ask Google?
(After the first time, at least..?)
(Because whatever they wanted, they already got from their friends through SocMed..?)
I don't even know who she is. Just shows that the geek world that we live in and all the thing we care about may not be the center of the universe.
Blame You spend hours looking at funny videos, But wait, I found Chris there too! (Subscribed right away)
News like this should be printed and mailed to startup types and tech insiders. We HAVE to remember that WE are not the typical users of the web.
The Internet doesn't make us more stupid, just makes our stupidity more available to everyone.
How could anyone give the Kardashians money to continue to exist? So many questions could be substituted for this without changing its basic idea. I just remind myself that most people are really dumb.
If it makes you feel any better, I don't know who she is. I also did not Google her to find out! LOL
+Alex Planes - but we say "people are dumb" because instead of following a family of people leveraging their 15 minutes into tens of millions of dollars a year, we choose to learn esoteric details about web apps and we can name every captain of every Star Trek series, etc. The same people who thrive on watching the Kardashians are just another set of people deeply into the minutiae of something that really wouldn't matter if you had 30 days left to live.
They sampled the data each week from daily metrics, but only collected measures on Friday.
+Chris Brogan Captain Picard gave more to the human race in one 60-minute episode than the Kardashians have in their whole lives. You take that back.
I'm actually not too surprised by this... I still can't believe the attack that was launched against this girl. Okay, the song was a bit silly. But, my God--she's just a kid.
I think she was genius...look how many people watched many can say that?
Ah, I happen to love her Song Friday. Friday Friday, we all be getting down on Friday Friday Friday... sittin in the back seat sittin in the front seat, try to make my mind up... oh never mind.
Most of the searches probably resulted from thinking "It can't be that bad, can it?"
Tyler L
It's simple really, Steve Jobs has been well known for years
And Google+ had a link that they constantly were pointing an arrow at :p

Rebecca Black was new and fresh and unheard of
And, she didn't have an arrow pointing to her on the homepage ._.
+George Beckingham Well, that's a fair point. People are searched for all sorts of reasons. I'm guessing Casey Anthony got searched a lot over the last few years...probably more than a lot of those out curing cancer or something, you know?
Well, I will say this: some people don't need to be searched--they are all over the Internet, anyway!
Bill...Everybody knows who Steve Job is ..and 1st nobody knows who the Rebecca black is.. so everyone willl give a search....And Google+ gave an option to sign in at the top left corner of google page...
Am I the only one that doesn't know who she is?
Is it not based on how much of a jump the term had from the previous year? For example Battlefield 3 is on the list and the description says that "searches for Battlefield 3 and related searches BF3 jumped 1,773% between 2010 and 2011 making this action game the #5 fastest rising search on Google in 2011."
It appears to be an Internet test phrase +Charles Rash, in much the same way as EICAR is used to test antivirus software.
B Ossia
as far as the number of small minds defeats the great ones
It's the search terms with the biggest increase in 2011, not the most searched terms overall.
When I asked people if they had heard about Rebecca black, only a few did not know. Keep in mind it was early on when her video went viral.

When I told people Steve Jobs died the typical response was "who's Steve Jobs?". Only apple fanboys knew what I was talking about.
Oh come on guys, loosen up. After all, it's Friiiday, Friiiday, gonna get down on, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun...
I have to agree with +Chris Brogan here. It's the wrong question to ask, the question should be 'how did most of the tech and even marketing people miss this?'. It's a classic mistake of looking at things from your own perspective, not the perspective of the other. 'we' are only a small portion of the world
+Bas van den Beld You are probably right. The truth is I had never heard of Rebecca Black until a couple of days ago. And still don't know what she does or why she is so popular except that she was the most searched person on Google. We live in our own little world.
Rajiv, the fact that you don't know who she is makes her a most searched term. The fact that people know who Steve Jobs is, takes a lot of the "who is" searches away. That is my guess anyway.
I'm betting that early adopters of G+ are a nerdy bunch that already hears/knows a lot about Jobs without searching. But, not being 13-year-old girls, we might have needed to actually search to find out who this Rebecca Black person is... ;)
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