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Is it pure sublime happiness...

Or could it be gas?
Wow, I would love to have a look on my face like this as I go through my day/week! When was the last time you felt like this? This great picture by Natalia - more great pictures from her here: http:...
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Happiness? Nah! - Gas? Yep!
They alsways look like that when they are having cramps...
i think he just got his diapers changed!!
cute little baby....
Это любовь и нежность делает нас счастливыми, а дети это особенно чувствуют и передают миру свои ощущения.
If everyone's purpose in life was to keep children feeling as innocent as they do when they are babies the world would be a much better place 
yes, but this no possible... to much people on this planet)
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