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Just checking out the new Google+

So far pretty great. I think the layout is thoughtful, and clean. I like the nav. So far the only thing I don't like is the way it looks on a wide screen, being toward the left, and leaving a lot of white space, and not being centered.

I'd love to hear some other thoughts that people have on pros and cons of the new layout. Thanks!
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The lead of the G+ team said something is soon to go into the whitespace... some sort of feature, but specifically mentioned that it's not ads.
The new layout is the best thing that's happened to Google+. I think I might get back on Google+ more now that it's more organized and appealing.
The images look great also. But the circles are less accessible, that's sad.
Oh, and I dig it overall, but the main con is that I never use chat and can't minimize the bar over there. Maybe with a little time I'll grow fond of seeing who's online and maybe even use it, who knows.
I think the something in the whitespace will be obnoxious ads. +Bill Gross there is a chrome extension called GExtend which might be useful.
Agreed, it feels strange shifted left
You've definitely stated my Pros and here is something to help the Con just a tad if you use Chrome: (Extends the boxes just a tad so there isn't so much white space. Also makes pictures and such a little bigger which is nice).

I'm not sure if it's a con exactly... but the outline around each post has been bugging me. It breaks up the flow of the content for me just a bit.

Edit: Google has also made some strong statements that the white space will NOT be used for ads. We shall see.
I agree about the widescreen layout, looks silly with everything crammed on the left and then a huge white space... I feel like I need to fill it with something. I need a widget or two! I also need a new skin since the standard is just boring, although clean yes.
+Bill Gross As +Ashur Sada said, you missed the storm of criticism. How much was bad design and how much is people do not like their space messed with is open to debate IMHO.
I expect the right side white space will be used to integrate other Google products like calendar and Play music. maybe like iGoogle components.
Oh, and you should click on the trending #usesforwhitespace . Pretty amusing hehe
+michael interbartolo I hope they make any kind of implementation like that optional. Kind of like a drag&drop feature where you don't have to add them if you don't use/want them. I'm afraid if they try putting anything there it'll end up like the UI mess that is Facebook.
My eyes still haven't adjusted to how big everything looks now.
+Mark Koschwitz I agree. I'm hoping it will be drag and drop apps, like gmail, calendar, play, eventually, I like the idea of being able to watch netflix or hulu or listen to pandora from inside g+. But all entirely according to how each user wants to set up their space.
That's another peeve of mine +Ashur Sada. I don't mind the actual comment box being a light gray color and standing apart from the posted content, but the comment text also being gray doesn't make for the easiest reading.
The white space comment seems to be a general consensus. Thankfully, it's one that Google can sort of ignore, as +Vic Gundotra mentions there will be a new feature in that area that he can't quite reveal just yet. What is it? WIDGETS?! The option to expand my comments? The option to add ANOTHER column for MORE posts from my stream? :D Widgets that let you customize what sort of features get added to that section?
Integration of Gmail and Calendar would be nice!
+1 on drag drop apps! I can see that and it'd be super useful.
I agree with you to a degree +Ashur Sada. Google does have a propensity to treat everything, including established products, like beta tests, which is a bit jarring for their users.

However, more often than not after an initial adjustment period I've enjoyed quite a few of their abrupt changes. I already like the revamp, though it does strike me as a bit empty given the size of my screen.
+Kellya Clanzig You can drag and drop rearrange on the left ribbon so that icons are in the order you prefer.

You can also change the two "top circles" that show above your feed by just dragging and dropping the ones you want into the higher spots on the circles screen.
Not a big fan. The menubar on the right is fine, but it seems like a third of my screen is wasted.
Am using a small screen, so cant say anything bout 'space'. What I do like is the layout, and th left menubar - very thoughtful. Interesting how posts are like conversations - I can see +Ezra Klein speaking something jus here below, haha.
I like the development. Does it have anything to do with appealing to ladies? I hear there are fewer on G+
I also like it. Certainly cleaner and easier to use than facebook. I like how Google is really pushing the capabilities of browsers. Here's something neat - the drag and dropping of pictures when creating albums. Even more neat, copy and pasting pictures+text into gmail. No need to to upload, it does automatic rich text conversion.
I like it, but I can not understand how so much free space in the right. Are they gonna to start to place adds there?
being astonished that you never got the idea to adjust the browser-window. suppose there arent really much pages looking godd on large screens, so browsing with full screen size can only have the sense to see all the opened tabs ...
Google should allow the user to extend the length of the navbar containing circles. There's plenty of room for more than three circles plus the "more" drop-down list. Or they could double or triple-deck the circles navbar so we can nav to circles faster. Drop-down lists are interface speed bumps.
I'm very excited about how Google+ is going to evolve. It's nice to see some progress, but they need to pick up the pace as they're falling farther behind. That said, I really don't think G+ is trying to be another Facebook. Google has an opportunity to weave in video with Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts that can help make video a more integral way of how we communicate and network.
Jeff F.
Why I hate it: They broke navigating the stream by your circles. I use circles to filter my stream for various groups of people. I click between 8 or 9 different circles/filters. They used to be listed nicely at the left in a long list. (You had to click "more" once, but all of them would stay listed.) I could click around from one to the next as I liked.

Now, lesser used buttons like Circles and Profile and Pages are taking up that valuable real estate, and the button for circle selection has been moved to a horizontal button bar that only shows you 3 selections plus a dropdown. And, it scrolls off the screen if you scroll at all. My old click to select has now become,'s way more work, more moving around, more cumbersome. It's the primary failure of the new UI. I don't care so much about the "look" as I do the loss of usability.
Yes, it is .. I am surprised with the design thoughts.. the only comment could be to reduce the white space.. I feel it is too much.. may be a placeholder for future themes..
i've already seen links indicating that the whitespace is supposed to be filled by hangouts. haven't gotten it to work yet, though
Wish we could have a second column of stories on 16:9 monitors ... I'm sure the new layout looks great on 4:3 monitors, but widescreen displays show a huge area of whitespace in the middle of the screen.
Simon B
Am I the only one who finds the space-bar isn't scrolling the screen anymore?
the layout can be fixed with GExtend extension within chrome/chromium
I never new the space bar did that till I just tried it and it works for me.
Like it, just not the left-aligned stream on a large monitor.
Simon B
+Jeff F. you can still navigate your stream by circles just like you used to, but now it's in the more button next to the two highlighted circles and the all button at the top..
I'm usually with my laptop pc, so, narrow screen layout is suitable for me :)
Jeff F.
+Simon B , yes, I know, my comments acknowledged the new method. It's way more cumbersome and requires more scrolling hunting and clicking. It totally breaks my "workflow" and makes it harder to use. I click circles more than anything else in the UI. I don't frequently click the things that are now permanent in the left ribbon. But I switch circle views all the time.
I like it. The layout is much better than before. It feels less cluttered :)
Google has definitely stepped up the game of communication for the masses. The format is great on the eyes and makes it easier to post, to whom you really want to see what you are saying.
+Bill Gross That's my problem. I'm on a very wide screen and originally everything was pushed to the left. I've since changed it so it's centered and wider.
I don't like the extra space at the each side of the portrait photos. It is fine for landscape though.
the cover photo, too wide yet too short.
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