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Fantastic Face-Off between Ted Koppel and Arianna Huffington

Great arguments about new media and old, news organizations and social media. Can't wait till they put the video live. Some highlights:

"I agree perfect objectivity in news is unachievable, however it should still be attempted." Ted Koppel

"Self expression has become a new source of fulfillment AND entertainment for people today." Arianna Huffington

Social media is the salvation because, unlike a few reporters, you can’t spin millions of citizens. Arianna Huffington

Used to be "Go to bed with Ted," Koppel says. "These days, as we know, it's wake up with Arianna"
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Self expression has become a new source of fulfillment and entertainment?
hehe "wake up with Arianna"... I'm glad he decided not to say, "and then chew your arm off."
+Bill Gross Which tells me Zeitgeist is in Phoenix while I am in San Francisco? TIming is everything. I, of course, live in Phoenix :-) But he must be in great shape.
I often have a hard time telling the difference between headlines from The Huffington Post and The Onion. I end up using HuffPo more like a youtube channel or a twitter hash tag when I want to share those something-crazy-I-saw-on-the-internet links with my friends.

I'd put the Huffington Post in the same faux-news category as Fox News.
So? Read them both and maybe it will average out.
+James Karaganis actually, reading stuff from across the political spectrum is about the only way I feel like I can get unbiased coverage of any event.

By the way your profile picture looks remarkably like Leonard Nimoy.
Social media is the salvation because, unlike a few reporters, you can’t spin millions of citizens. Arianna Huffington"

Is that a joke? Seemed really funny to me.
I often go to news sources in other countries as well. Still biased perhaps, especially when it comes to U.S. politics, but it's another perspective.
So what? Not every discussion must include representatives of every culture on the planet. These were two American media heavyweights having a talk. I don't expect that other people feel the need to include an American citizen (of any race, color or creed) in their media.
+G McElroy the beauty of the Huffington post is that you too can be a journalist. Instead of complaining about any group of white people bigger than one being racist you could write a well thought out article outlining the racial bias among media moguls. Clearly there are more white media kingpins than black media kingpins and why is that? Obviously racism. With a bit of hard hitting journalism on your part you could shed light on this inequality. Then who knows, maybe The Man will read the article, feel compassion, and pick a black or hispanic person to start the next successful news organization. That being said I think we can all agree that He definitely gets props for at least picking a woman this time.
+Tyler Weeks On the other hand ... maybe it's just white people that give a damn about being media moguls. Probably not, but given that we live in the age of the instantaneous global network, there's plenty of ways for people of all races to publish and communicate. And they do. I just wish more of them would pay less attention to mainstream media (especially ours.)

Regardless, the knee-jerk presumption of racism (which I personally find as offensive as actual racist behavior, and is precisely why I'm not bothering to respond to +G McElroy) is all too common in our society, and is a significant obstacle to rational discourse. Racism and bigotry are alive and well in this world: no need to make them into boogeymen.

As your basic middle-aged American white guy I have to wonder what +G McElroy would think if he knew my fiancee is African. Born and raised there, in fact. Ah well. Sometimes it's best to relax, take a chill pill, and see what other people are really about before jumping down their throats.

This is, after all, not supposed to be an anti-social network.
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