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Too bad more people don't get to see this amazing place!

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Photo by: Sub Dude, more great ones here:

Have any of you ever been here?
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That's an amazing picture.
I've never been ... love to visit, looks like a beautiful place.

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Incredible, thanks for sharing.
Gorgeous! I hope to visit one day soon.
similar to banjosa lake in pakistan kashmir
I was there in 2007...nice people beautiful country :)
The water looks like depot for human sewage. No thank you.
burma..neighbouring coutry..sure will go
+Guillaume Bog My mind is open and so are my eyes. The water looks filthy. Apparently you have your head in the sand for the sake of being pc.
welcome to everyone who wanna visit to golden land, Myanmar.
Beautiful place! I'd love to visit it :/
this photo very beauty.i like
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