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Did anyone have a super-cool treehouse like this growing up, or did we just all 'dream' of having one?
I wish I had a treehouse like this growing up
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Cool ! We had a hut in the nearby forrest but that was.not nearly as cool as this!
Dreamed... Although my friends and I built some pretty amazing forts in the woods.
We actually found a car back seats and 2 bucket seats in a ditch on a gravel road and dragged them back into the woods to use as "living room furniture" in one of our woodland forts.
Was working for a company in (08-09) who sold something like that for 10k? Just got foreclosed on, Honestly how do you get up there?
There were some pretty awesome tree houses in my neighborhood when I was growing up. I was partly responsible for a couple of them.
That is so good but i don't have that much courage to live in that type of house....
Me too. I mean I wished I had a treehouse like this growing up.
we were happy with our old boards, rope swing& bucket, and hours of privacy
hehehe I think we all dreamed of having a Tree House like this how popular would you be at school...not mention a place of retreat when you got older hehe
I just wished for a garden ...
This will be perfect for when the zombies arrive.
i just dreamed , that would be cool
i dreamed it a long back
wow like a palace
If I had that as a kid then I would still be living there today
Little brother had one but no where near as neat as some I've seen online---I want one now and I have the perfect spot picked out.
its awesome....wish i have one too....
roya kh
great..i want too
Great innovative creativity....Like to spend some time in this tree house...
I dream, soon I will make my own tree-house & post it for all................thnxfor such nostalgic pic.
Note to self.... "Get bigger trees in back yard and never grow up!..."

I especially like the retractable ramp for the 3-car garage in back.
On the downside, this is part of the reason USPS has such high
I lived in tree houses for 8yrs+ as an environmental protester, nothing like being 60ft+ off the ground in a force 11 gale in a tree house between five pines. link below to one of the old protests and pictures. At the time i held the record for the highest and largest tree house in Europe.

the pictures are in the "What we are doing" section and obviously i am Mike.
You could always find me in a tree when I was 'growing up' and would love to still have a treehouse like this.
for you and your love to spend time with each other ♥
Hi' as a 7year old i used to pick apples and carry them hi up into a pine tree and hide them in forks of the branches covering them with needles.The apples would last longer and when i was hungry which was often there i was sitting high up this huge old tree enjoying my favorite fruit and enjoying the view.
Beautiful. I wish I had a treehouse.
Funny the apples were not nibbled by squirrels or pecked at by birds.
i think i will have a house like that
I had a dream of one. This is really cool
I tried a cardboard box once... ;)
I wish I had a treehouse like that now.
Why in the hell am I seeing posts from Bill Gross? I don't know him, I didn't subscribe in any way, I have no interest in his crap! And yet, I get his posts shoved in front of my face!

Facebook has it's problems, plenty of them, but at least they add shit to my stream that I didn't ask for.
That is my tree house!

Edit. No, no, it's not. sigh
J Aiken
ya and the ministry removed, thought it was on their property
that is the coolest tree house i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never had a tree house but did have a lot of fun in just a large box believing I was in a fort. Back in the '60s it didn't take much to have fun!
That is a unbelievable tree house, I don't have one.
Yes but I never had the treehouse, but my friends had treehouses in their trees so I certainly grew with them & us in their treehouses. My three sons built a tree in the tree a the back if the garden. There a perfect spot in the tree in which they built the treehouse.>our treehouses and my sons treehouses were not as fancy as this one but the main thing it served the purpose 7 we all enjoyed it while it lasted.
i wish i had that tree house that would be so awesome
I'd stay a nite in that tree house
Mine wasn't that cool but my dad wasn't a carpenter, but my sons dad is ;-) looks like I better get on it!
Dream...had it for my 2 boys too. Never happened. :(
I had this super cool treehouse book, but we didn't own the land so I couldn't build one.
I wish I had a tree house like that now!
thats the best i have seen so far omg well done
Back when I was a kid, my friends and I built this awesome tree fort in the woods. It had two levels and a lookout post on top. It was a pretty badass construction job for a bunch of 12-year olds.
wow its really fantastic to having a tree house hope me too,,,
Dream. Thats awesome!
Having one of those would have solved my vertigo!
i would swap my flat for this any day, got dislexic fingers
The tree house is the male version of a doll house. The child's fantasy place where he can do anything he wants without parental interference.
That is way to sick - one day when my son is older I am going to build one ;-) mine were nowhere near as cool lol
Never mind as a kid. I would love to have one now!
This treehouse is better than the house i live in now!
Only if I am able to build one for my kids and their friends. Who knows:-)
My dream house... 😉
Thats a Awesome house i want to live in that! XD How much do you think it goes for?
About ten years ago, My son and his buddies were anxious for something to do during their summer holidays, I gave them the idea to build a tree house. They buildt several in the neighborhood and even camped out. A few parents became involved in the building process and checked for safety... it gave the boys a positive experience and memories to share as they each made their journey into young adulthood. Thanks for your share.
I'm obviously not grown up yet because I still very much want one.
nice house i wish i live in this house one day
Younger self: No slide , or rope course?! Its whatever..
I never even had a treehouse. If I did and it was like that, I would still be living in it today at 27.
i never see that type of it's grea
This is way better than my own dreams. The school's treehouse was good enough for me and it wasn't up high on a tree like this one.
This is nicer than any Ewok's hut
man u r sooo lucky that is sick in a good way not a bad
it's like from a sci fi movie about the end of the world, where only those who hid high in the trees in the forests escaped the apocalypses
Amazing, if I had one of these as a child, I would have never come home!
Amazing. Must be nice to see the scene below the tree :-)
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