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Apple Grew Its Revenues This Quarter by 82%. Unbelievable.

Has there ever been a company in history that is this big and which has grown by this big of a percentage in only 1 year?

Here's a graph of Apples revenues broken out by product line. Truly incredible performance by a company that was almost bankrupt only 15 years ago.
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None that I can think of. This is really, really crazy. However, I do worry that Apple is getting "Edifice Complex."
Forgive me, I don't know a huge amount about business but the regular spikes on this graph intrigued me. Is it Christmas? :)
apple has a fairly regular release schedule, followed by the loyal willing to buy the shiny new product. I question if their market growth is sustainable. The iphone is no longer special and the ipad wont be unique much longer. Maybe they have new magical product on the way...
Apple Grew Its Revenues This Quarter by 82%. Unbelievable.

Ans : Patent Issue :P .. now Microsoft following him :P
Wonder what this graph looks like in profit instead of sales.
Unbelievable how big Apple is. Apple has almost twice the market cap as Google
I think the latest spike is due to drop in ipod sales (as much as i can read from the graph). 
Great chart! Love to see this detail with MS, IBM, Cisco, Facebook and Google
It would slightly hurt their bottom line but it would be neat if they used some of this increased revenue to move more of their production/jobs here to America.
That's what overpricing your product will do.
It's not overpriced if the product's flying off the shelves
+Chris Harrison They did hint at a major new product introduction in the earning call a couple of days ago ...
+John Koetsier it has to be something new, I dont think upgraded products are going to be very magical for profits.
Wonder if Apple's 30% cut of each App Store purchase is counted in Software? If so, not as big slice in overall revenue pie as I expected.
+Roy Ruhling that is a naive view of it. People are suckers for marketing and something shiny. I can buy a PC with 3x the muscle for half the price and as much security on board.
+Chris Harrison You're right, it has to be a new category. TV is interesting, but very low margin and high cost. What else is there? To continue this growth, Apple has to invent a new iPhone or iPad every couple of years ... and continue to grow the existing platforms.
Is Apple accumulating so much money only for the money per se? What's the big plan?
+Moyzes Braz - they're planning to pay off the national debt with all their profits
Disproportionally iPhone. I wonder how that further segments. Verizon effect?
They are producing products everyone always wanted but no manufacturer ever provided. Did Apple even feel the bad US economy these past few years? It goes to show, build a better mouse trap.
Innovate, Monopolize, Limit = 82% growth in one quarter.
Apple will always have it's competitors. Tablets vs. iPads. iPhones vs. Androids. Mac vs. PC. So on and so forth. Sure these products are now nothing special, but they are the epitome of its class. Apple will for the most part always be the trendsetter in the market. Cloud computing is what I think is the next big money maker for tech companies. Apple however will never be a monopoly, esp not with companies like Google around ready to step on Apple's toes.
The growth of the apps/music/movies/books/tv ecosystem is the "next big thing". It's not going to push the top line as quickly -- that's clear -- but the snowball effect on the bottom line promises to be breathtaking. And, +Bill Gross the answer to your question is: Not a chance.
iPhone and iPad. Winner take all game as Apple now is able to use components unavailable to competitors. Expect more cool stuff.
I am in love with Apple as well, but I can't help looking at the chart and wondering how much longer Apple can sustain this amazing performance. I hope it is for a long time, but it reminds me of the song that goes "What goes up, must come down..."
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