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Statement from Bill Gates about Steve Jobs:
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Bill Gates, the former chief executive of Microsoft, said in a statement that he was “truly saddened to learn of Steve Jobs’s death.” He added: “The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.”
Steven P. Jobs, the co-founder and former chief executive of Apple, has died.
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Great statement, though I'm surprised he used the word 'insane'.
Despite their business rivalry, I am guessing that there was a part of Bill that had deep respect for Steve, and a part of Steve that had deep respect for Bill. I wouldn't be at all surpised to hear that they had each other's mobile numbers. I'm happy to see that Bill had something to say right away.
Even the fiercest of competitors have respect for each other because each knows that they are competing against the best, and that by competing against the best, it makes them and the product that they are selling better. Apple made Microsoft better and Microsoft made Apple better...
I remember seeing an interview in which Steve Jobs mentioned that. He acknowledged that Bill Gates had pretty much created an industry, and that isn't something that simply ordinary people did.
Couldn't agree more with Bryan's statement.
I will forever remember Steve and his great work. We all will.
So even in death Gates has to steal (I'm not even an Apple guy). Doesn't surprise me that he had kind things to say, people of that magnitude usually understand when they are screwing each other around it's just business and isn't personal.
Bill Gates and Microsoft still suck though. We know Microsoft is just a giant "emulator" and have ZERO innovation running through their veins. If it wasn't for Steve Jobs, nobody would have ever heard of "Windows" or Microsoft.

** Bill, just in case one of your people are reading this right now, take this message to your teams tomorrow morning:

"Guys; The king has passed on and now we only have ONE company (Google) we can now attempt to emulate, now that Apple products are now without Steve and on their own now. We'd probably better not buy Blackberry (as planned) because Google consistently does stuff that throws us off a lot, keeping us concentrating on developing products to compete (Bing) and failing due to not knowing what we're doing and with no stolen blueprints of their product (like Bill Gates did to Steve Jobs) or knowing their overall plan. In other words, we can't expect to stay in business emulating everyone better than us, because that's 'everybody' GiiitDamnit!! We need innovation here at Microsoft. I'm fuckin' sick and tired of failing!!!"

Yep. Tell them that.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs
We love your work sir.
+Luke Lewis The other problem, Microsoft can't really be said to have "failed". I wish I had .00001% of Bill Gate's Microsoft stock.
+James Karaganis yeah no freakin' joke. Must be nice giving away millions to charity each year just because you can.
+Luke Lewis Not that I want to defend Microsoft's business practices (any more than I will defend Apple's, for that matter) but all those years that Apple was flirting with the corporate abyss, Microsoft was making money hand over fist.
+Jeff Smith That is absolutely correct. The reality is (and most Apple fans really don't grok this) that Microsoft's business model is not now, and has never been, about "innovation." In many respects, Microsoft has always been on the trailing edge of modern technology, waiting to see what works for the other guys before jumping on the bandwagon.

And that approach has worked very, very well, at least within their two core competencies of Windows and Office, and to a lesser extent the XBox. For everything else they've tried ... not so much.
What tech company doesn't steal ideas, or sue the small players out of the battle. Every company does this in the end.
That doesn't change that they all do it in the end. Regardless this is grossly off topic now ;P
Steve death would create a big vacuum...
Looking at that photo, one way of thinking of it is that Steve is "in" the cloud now!
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