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Okay, I finally bit the bullet, and decided to join Kevin Rose and point my blog at to my Google+ page.

This morning I wrote a short post at Google+ that has gotten me more interaction and has caused me to meet more great people than anything I have ever posted at my blog. I hope that Google+ can maintain this unbelievably high rate of quality interaction.
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you can always move it back, so I think it's a good move
Hey Bill, I did it too. I pointed at my Google+ page. If anyone's wondering how to do it, you can forward your domain through Godaddy.
This is probably a mistake SEO wise :)
Social equity > SEO.

Seo is dead. Long live Social Equity.
Baa Baa
Congrats! Engagement is the name of the game. :-)
+Fraser Cain - Fraser, do you think it would be better to redirect with a 301, rather than forward through GoDaddy? This way, you keep all the link juice and SEO power...just IN CASE seo is not dead after all. Your thoughts?
I do plenty of SEO in other places, so I'm not really that concerned about it. I'm much happier having a person search for my name and come to my Google+ profile than my website.
And then what happens when we've all moved on to the next thing and you're on Google+?
Not so sure - i wonder what about any custom widgets you use - or scripts you have running (i have a few). However, it is interesting enough for maybe the www to direct there.
How do you feed or point your blog to Google Plus?
I've been thinking about starting a blog for a little while. Maybe Google+ is the answer for me.
@Katherine I'm not that worried about it. Yes, I could try and move all my posts over to Google+ and then 301 redirect them over. But, I just think it's all going to wash out in the future. My blog was a bad place to engage. But Google+ has been amazing so far. Yes, I'll just switch to something else in the future when something better comes along.
Authorship is the future, which ties into SEO. If you're writing good content and claiming it, then the rewards will arrive in more hits and a higher authority rating. BTW, I didn't read Bill's blog until he directed it to G+. Discovery is also important, although good content will eventually rise to the top.
Any instructions anywhere on how to your blog post actually gets posted in google + post?
Actually, when i think about it a bit more, my blog posts are infrequent but are definitely more in depth than my postings here - i take a bit more time to create them. I think they'd get lost in the to-ing and fro-ing on here. Will keep an eye on yours though.
Can I just say that I LOVE the fact that this convo is even happening? It's so exciting to be part of such a fast evolving world.
Hi bill - couldn't agree more with you!
Sorry +Bill Gross big SEO mistake, specially when there are other Bill Gross' with higher search results like Pimco's cofounder.
Bill, I plan on doing the same. It is always nice to have a new blank white page to start with. Goggle+ can be that!
I like the concept of pointing to Google + for it offers the engagement and the interactions that blogging platforms lack. In my opinion it would ideal to have a feed to Google + but your blog still intact.
So far I like the idea of following people with google+, but bloggish posters show up in my main stream - it becomes difficult to use or to segment. It would be nice if you could create circles that aren't part of your stream, which would be much more like on-demand rss or twitter feeds.
Wow, that's a huge move. Love to see the stats on how it is going int he next few weeks.
I like your move to point your blog to G+. I was following you years back, then I sorta lost your trail. But thanks to Google+, we are all here and happy again.
Interesting point by Percival: Google will punish Gross and Rose for using Google+ as their blogs. And SEO ourobouros of pain, if you will.
Do you think Google SEO will punish having my blog here? I thought they would actually promote because they can determine the quality of response here better. No?
Bravo!!! Very creative and hopefully your Google+ page will get you verything you want as a main page :)
Bill: I think there's a very good chance you will be punished SEO-wise. Googlebot hates it when sites suddenly change drastically; it suspects bait-and-switch trickery is afoot and penalty-boxes that URL. I'll bet Google did not account for people making G+ their blogs - ironically punishing you. Sean Percival: you agree?
Mark -- Given the goal ("has gotten me more interaction and has caused me to me more great people") it may not be as important for content to be searchable as it is to be discoverable through a network (and network of Bill's network) of connections?
I think +Sean Ammirati is onto something here. Your strategy should match your goal. If what you really want is more engagement (and not necessarily new traffic), then its probably a good move. Keep us posted on what you learn from this experience! Thanks for being an experimenter ;)
Wow, very bold move. I'm going to have to consider that a little more before pulling the trigger on it. How much content did you have at your blog that you were willing to dump it?
+Henda Kieran - Nice pic! I've got to add it mine.
Am I missing something? What is the primary benefit here? Attracting more followers? Aren't you giving up traditional blogging taxonomy features like tagging, and history links? How can I review your older posts in a convenient way if I discover your Google Plus page a year from now???
Granted, I'm a minority on this, but I use a news reader. There no rss feed here. You and Kevin are forcing me to go to two separate places to get my fix
Interesting idea + Bill Gross - may be time for a change indeed.
Excellent! I will do that too with one of my domains. Google+ is my blog.
People's been talking about how G+ is gonna pwn Facebook & Twitter, but methinks it's gonna be tumblr... just my $0.02.-
As +Carlos Cardona said above: "Social equity > SEO" However Search Engine Optimization is not yet dead, looking at the successful campaigns in the last years prove that a good combination and integration of social media and landing sites - rather than a mindless redirect - can create possibilities that outreach just social equity or SEO. This also mean that unlike +David Berkowitz suggests there is no great shift when the "next big thing" comes along.

Sometime ago when +Robert Scoble moved almost entirely to FriendFeed I was glad that that he left his site up so all my links to his blog still worked. Skittles did something more in the way of integrating multiple social media sites in their own environment. I think +Stefan Svartling, correct me if I'm wrong, created Amplify to do something similar as to what +Bill Gross is trying to achieve with his move to G+.

I don't know whether it's right or wrong for +Bill Gross to do this, and I'm sure it may work for +Kevin Rose. However I wouldn't advise a blind redirect as a way to create Social Equity when someone has none.

/me waves @ +Stefan Svartling
I notice a distinct improvement in quality of content I'm seeing on G+ versus Facebook. This could change once + opens to the general public. We shall see.
Great idea! I'm spending more time on G+ in the last few weeks than on Facebook this year. Haven't found any negatives yet. Still trying to get out of a Twitter 140-character mindset. Think I'll change to point to my G+ About page.
I have to ask, what about all the great content from your blog??
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