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Is there an stl file available for the RigidBot? The rigidwiki states:

RigidBot design will be available in STL format.

I poked around a bit but couldn't find it.

I thought it might be cool to get the model so that you can set up S3D to display an image of the printer along with the print bed. Has anyone tried this?


I tried loading Marlin 1.1.0-RC8 on my original RB1 board and the hot ends no longer heat. The temperature sensing is still working for both hot ends. The sensors respond when I warm them with a torch, but they are not heating. Has anyone else had any trouble like this?

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Hi All,

Just conducting a survey regarding changing the nozzle/E3D heat-break for material change.

Who changes nozzles when moving from one material to another, PLA to ABS, etc.? Why, why not?

There must be an increased risk of clogging/jamming/under-extrusion without a nozzle change, right?

Even with auto bed leveling, nozzle changes require adjustment, especially with a dual setup. PITA
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Change Nozzle
Don't Change Nozzle

I am running the current Marlin 1.1.0 Release Candidate 3 code on my RBB and using the reprap discount full graphic controller. I am getting live temperatures, positions and cooling fan status. But I am unable to properly navigate the menus or detect the SD card. In order to get the display to operate I had to use both:

Looking in pins_RIGIDBOARD.h

We find:

It doesn't appear to be keying off of the full graphic 12864 controller definition for the pin determination. Do I also need to active the REPRAP_DISCOUNT_SMART_CONTROLLER? I tried activating all three but it crashes the board and I get a KILLED message on the display status. Is this code ready for use? The SD_DETECT pin 22 definition appears twice in the RIGIDBOT_PANEL code section. Without RIGIDBOT_PANEL being enabled the pin definition is incomplete for the smart controller so it would seem that you have to have at least those two active. As it is now the code just seems to be getting the pins wrong for the full graphic controller. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am in the middle of upgrading to the dual e3d mk8 mount v2. Along with that, I'm using the new motor mounts and idlers for x & y axis with 20t pulleys on both. My question is regarding using the new motor mount and idler pulley on the y-axis. The y-carriage now runs into the motor shaft and the idler pulley pin. I'm curious, what people have been doing to work-around this problem?

Has anyone tried running a Toshiba FlashAir SD card on their Reprap Discount Full Graphics Controller? In theory, this allows WiFi uploads of the g-code to the printer. Then you can just print from the LCD, no more sneakernet.
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