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MAY 22 : a VERY SPECIAL DAY . . . and Orange Biscuits
Letter from Mom:       May 24 th 1981  (From Shoal Lake, 17 cent stamp)         I am so happy its
all over the baby did come I was so worried before.          I forgot to ask
Bryan whethere you were long in labur. I don’t know whats wrong with me I only

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                                                May 18, 1974                                                     *****                                                                            Letter from Mom March 24/74          ( from
Shoal Lake:  8 ce...

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Mother's Day . . . and a Mocktail
"Please lift your glasses high to honor mothers, Everyone's first love. . ." (Suzanne C. Cole) Nicole
and Kepler,  2014 . . .  and a holiday in Charleston  . . .     Two Boroughs Restaurant     Magnolia Plantation    Magnolia Plantation   "To mothers, Who k...

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Aunt Nellie and Mom . . . and Vareniki with Cilantro and Cheddar
Aunt Nellie (Nastia) was born May 8, 1919.  Nellie's (Nastia's) daughter, Marilyn,   found this letter from Mary to her sister, Nellie (Nastia) and the picture Mom mentioned in her letter. Mom was 88. Nellie This picture is of Nellie's granddaughter MaryAn,...

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Updated Blog Index from September, 2016
For an index to my posts from Feb to Sept, 2016, go to For an index to earlier posts starting in 2012, go to Th...

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 Contemporary book so HORRIFYING it kept me reading all night :                                                                     ***                         18th century Gothic:  I read a chapter and my eyes start to close. ******  What Ann Radcliff...

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GEORGE in Mom's letters . . . and Stuffed Peppers
Oct. 24/73? George was to the sale yesterday he bought
dishes cabenit and a table he got it all for $5.00 it needs work but it can be
nice when finished you be able to have them if you wish Feb 21/77 George finished the plumbing here they are
all fine they ...

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OLIVIA OTTER is scared . . . Page 6
Emily Eagle nudged Rhonda Raven. Then, the two
birds looked straight at Olivia and sneered.  They flew off along the beach path that led towards Olivia’s house.  Story by Eleanor Illustrated by Nestor Page 1:

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Happy Birthday, Maybelle . . . and Game of Thrones Pie
As they
walked out on the streets of Laredo, As they
ran fast in Laredo one day, They
spied a poor dog peeking out of a backyard, “Ha, ha on you trapped there!” I heard Maybelle say.    ******* Maybelle's a lucky girl . . . and she's just turned 6. ****...

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Holidays in TEXAS with a 4 year old
Day One :  Laredo to  VICTORIA : 295 km = 3 hours   Fairfield Inn and Suites:  Kepler enjoyed the indoor pool.      HISTORY:  Victoria was founded in 1824 by 41 Spanish families.                    ATTRACTIONS which we could have visited but we arrived too ...
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