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Spawning on you...

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Google+ Games, has Angry Birds but the rest is crap.

I got my gun! Sad news, I only got 1 mag (I think they stole the other one) and they took my bbs. It's awesome though.

Nope, the packaging has room for an extra mag and bb's but they don't come with the gun. Other versions of the gun do come with 2 mags though.

My gun is in vernon, but they derped and tried delivering to the wrong house, I can pick it up tomorrow.

Dat storm.

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Post has attachment

I need to find out what battery is the best for a ICS Sig 551 airsoft gun before the sale ends and I have to tape a bunch of double a batteries together.

40 pages behind on engadet, oh boy this will be a long night.

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