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Freaking awesome. Been waiting for this for so long. Has anyone found a way, while using scroll end in root to unlock, to add a delay of say 1sec to give time for unlock animations to play out?

Hi. li(ccode) is now showing postcode instead of country code

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Hi Frank. I have updated to the latest none beta version and have encountered a problem. I have a circle shape that has animation to grow and shrink on a loop with return. It also changes position on the screen depending on battery%. Since the update it progressively starts to move side to side more and more over time since the last save. So it starts off fine and after a few minutes starts sideways movement and after an hour it is moving back and forth almost half way across the screen in time with the animation. I've included a link to the wallpaper file

I have some groups that have a loop with return scale in animation to grow and shrink like a pulse. Since the update there is sometimes some scrolling motion as if the scale in isn't happening from the centre.

Hi. Hoping someone can help me. I've just got a new galaxy s7 and copied all my klwp files to my sd card on my old phone and put it in my new phone to copy them back over. Can't for the life of me get to the app folder to copy them back in. Does anyone know how to do it?

Been out of the game for a while due to family commitments. The posts on here seem to have slowed down lately. Am I missing something?

Would inner shadow be easy to add?

I have a shape that uses the formula tu(rndimg.... to show images from a folder. Since the last update I am just getting a blank shape, no images loaded. The formula is correct as I have been using it for weeks with no issues before the update. I have tried clearing cache, restarting, etc. I did get the images back once by loading a new shape and replacing the original but even that isn't working anymore

I have a global switch and am using the auto on formula $if(br(tasker,hpcon)=1)$ and the auto off formula $if(br(tasker,hpcon)!=1)$ but the global isn't changing. I use this tasker variable elsewhere to change a colour of an object and it works fine. Am I missing something or can you not trigger a global switch with a tasker variable?

The new tu() function is an awesome addition. There does however seem to be an issue where, if cycling through pictures in a folder as a bitmap fx on a rectangle, any pictures which are portrait view show on their side instead of resize to fit which is what I have the effect set to on the shape.
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