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Fatacy Luck
Gamma Stealth: Space with Super-Symmetry and Absolute-Rationality
Gamma Stealth: Space with Super-Symmetry and Absolute-Rationality

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August 1st, publish 100 Axioms on

At that time, Axioms may be increasing about 10 articles.

I am concerned that the following will become advertisement, but I am planning to use Amazon's Kindle service.

I think that publishing price should be as low as possible, everyone should subscribe by pseudo page per view and simultaneously provide information with Update for free at the same time.

In the future, it is better for the Amazon company to understand that it is primarily responsible for revitalizing the forest of the jungle by the amount of fossil fuel being used for small-lot delivery, so that they will become the first sponsor I believe that could be.

At the same time, we promise to incorporate this book into the Earth Surface jungle regeneration Fund when you purchase this book.

According to Kindle's terms, I am at a loss as to whether I should remove the articles of SNS that I posted so far.

It is Sayonara in July, my name is Jungle. -Fatacy soon

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100 Axioms, I am sorry to inform visitors, but I am working on editing

I have uploaded the editing policy before, but I will continue updating the more accurate dimension recognition method and the theme of the Earth rejuvenation.

Regarding gravity, I mentioned it in Gamma Stealth and I will not make it a theme for the future.

In addition, there are also e-book versions, so I'm thinking about reducing the price as much as possible.

In the future, when important facts are discovered in the universe and the earth, there may be a revision of 100 Axioms.

To secure oxygen and fresh water for newly born children for the lifetime is the same as securing a certain volume of the jungle.

If I can secure light and airflow, I think that I will also advance the idea of ​​a multi-layered jungle.

I seem to have completely burned the pipe axis, so I will go on a journey to explore the collapse of Absolute-Rationality which was a longtime theme.

I seek information on alpha rays emitted under various environmental conditions, I believe the secret of the universe is kept in the helium nucleus.
-Reactivation Fatacy chao

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Axioms to 100, the reason why I continued

Nuclear physics, galactic astronomy, genetic engineering, clinical psychology, artificial intelligence engineering, these academic disciplines have no context and we are confronted with new facts, ignorant citizens like me are very confused.

There is a current situation that only has to rely on theology, even if it is limited, but puzzled how to live better in infinite space.

Please indicate to the next generation how to select a healthy earth to take, how to eat now, give up or make scientifically happy as a daily guideline.

It is coming to a tough time each person is charged with responsibility for the total action.

I want the air that I can aspirate, please pass for these children.

Even if developed countries raise all the wealth they can have, I hope that the "Jungle Regeneration Treaty" will be concluded.

Although it is irregular, the continuation is described on the following page. -Baby Ape Fatacy

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Next let's try to make gravity relative to time and space

A certain sage of Japan has adopted a realityistic idea that "I will not make a person under a person" into the education system.

In fact, pyramids are formed according to gravity, children are divided into master and servant, this is called precipitation in the social system.

As we go through the gravity, we will talk about the hydrogen bridges of the nuclei, typical is CH4 methane, lithium hydride called LiH is the start of the chemical space.

Gravity is the chemical attraction caused by enormous atomic nucleus binding due to interatomic crosslinking at the stage when hydrogen becomes low temperature.

Now, as an attractive force acting between objects, vacuum property, that is, not the force inherent in vacuum, the gravity disappears when there is no object, further light in vacuum does not come to us.

The speed of light is necessary for the object to exert gravitational force on the object, which is the fundamental aspect of time.

There is no time in the plasma space.         -99 Fatacy

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You, the earth type life is separated by solid cell plasma membrane that encloses liquid

The internal liquid required time to reach chemical equilibrium and a solid membrane also cooperated for that purpose.

In the first place, if it becomes a liquid or a solid by the thermal vibration of a nucleus, it is life to wrap a liquid with high thermal vibration with a solid with low thermal vibration.

Adopting this argument, both the sun and the earth coincide with the definition of life because there are several membrane-like existence in the low temperature universe.

Whether reproductive, that is, copying itself is left aside for the moment, approaches the model of nuclei and electrons in the atom.

In this case, though it is difficult to think that electrons are solids, it can be thought of as a small solid film having a relatively narrow vibration range.

Finally, the electron cloud has solidified.

I believe it is an example for relative time. -Too Solidified Fatacy

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Sushi, I ate often since I was young

I liked the fragrance of soy sauce, it was a bad habit, but I did not have much knowledge of health and ingested a lot.

Soy sauce is produced by salting soybeans, in other words, it is a seasoning which added spice of soybeans and flavor of wheat to rock salt.

The balance of the water and salt intake of the whole life slightly exceeded the salinity and became high blood pressure.

Over the years it is trying to take a lot of water, but it seems to take quite some time to dilute the salt that oozes out of the bone.

It is a topic of salt, so it will be on the side street, but seawater salt concentration adjustment seems to be kept by the steam supply of the submarine volcano.

In the universe, hydrogen and helium are the protagonists, but CH4 methane, NH3 ammonia, H2O water vapor, discreet Ne neon, gas of these atomic weights up to 20 are the leading role in interplanetary circulation of the solar system. -Solar Soy Sauce Fatacy

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The woman's life must be decided by age 30
This word can not resonate in the ear, I have a 20 years daughter.

Why is not women suitable for pioneers, can not have the strength to give birth to a child before giving her baby birth?

Indeed, physiologically, apparently, the proportion occupied by female gluteus maximus and male pectoral muscle is different.

If we remove the suggestions imposed by our society in childhood, women may well aim for blacksmiths and delta force.

I am able to fight with women because of the global environmental improvement, the right to get fresh water.

Fresh water is more precious than gold coins. -35H3O2 Fatacy also father

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Reason why Earth's atmosphere is transparent and Jupiter, Saturn's crust is not visible

Initially, when the earth was born it was like a mini Jupiter.

As a result of photosynthetic plants seeking sunlight, solar light far infrared rays have reached the surface of the earth.

On the other hand, the plant emits oxygen, so the earth will tend to chill.

We increased the number of animals who were oxygen consumers and needed a blanket of carbon dioxide, and at the same time used it as an ultraviolet barrier in the ozone layer.

If 17NH3 ammonia was heavy like 34H2S, hydrogen sulfide, the surface of the earth would have smelled ammonia.

It is surprisingly possible to use the plant explosion on the surface of Jupiter in about 500 years and make the atmosphere transparent, but your weight will be ten times. -Turtle neck Fatacy

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In Jupiter The trace of life will be confirmed soon, there is no reason for life not to exist

It is very different from Earth type life, regrettable, because atmospheric pressure and gravity are different from the Earth.

Reason 1, Ammonia was confirmed on Jupiter's surface, ammonia of yours and Buffalo's had settled on Jupiter.

Reason 2, ammonia 17NH3, water vapor 18H2O, methane 16CH4, these can not be complemented by earth gravity.

Reason 3, Jupiter is 11 times the diameter of the earth, the situation is quite different between the crustal surface layer and the ionosphere.

Reason 4, the Jupiter atmosphere is a plasma state, but the earth's hydrothermal orifice type life can exist.

Reason 5, Frequency of evidence of carrying ammonia from the ionosphere of Jupiter to the atmosphere as if Comet Shoemaker - Levy 9 collided.

Reason 6, the Earth synthesized billions of years of protein, including Saturn, which was able to supply N2 → NH3 to solar planets. -Reason 7 Fatacy

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Supersymmetry CERN

When I read this paper, it seems that the curse of gravity has not been solved yet at CERN.

Microorganisms on the surface are enjoying the flight to the sun long ago, although they will burn if successful.

Half of the manuscript's gravity theory is correct, the other half is obtained by overlooking life as objectively as much as possible.

The Higgs particle is spin 0, it is considered that the procedure is intertwined somewhere, please chill the head.

Another ideal zero gravity space is ideal, Absolute-Rationality does not handle perfect, zero, infinity.

Because the universe is not complete, it is too much to apply the information of the sun and galaxies to outer space.           -Chill out Fatacy

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