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I am pessimistic as well.  So, it's almost like - "am I being duped by this team?" I keep thinking we always start out fast and then look, well - kinda like the Caps did yesterday this time of year.   Great weekend filled with Hockey wins!
I'm really really liking the team Sully has put on the ice. Tough and fast! I'm extremely pessimistic so this new feeling of optimizism is a new feeling. What you guys think? What you think about this team?

Did we "lose" good players like Matt and Brooks - or did they want out?

Hi fans.  When I watched the Flyers/Rangers series, I honestly did not think the Pens would have a chance.  Just couldn't get all the guys playing well at the same time.  

It's a sad day - but I will look forward to next season - and hopefully a few changes.  

Something has GOT to give.   Enough time to turn it around?

anyone else feel like this season is shaping up like the last?  

:)  One more day - I hate the Caps!

Is it Saturday Night yet?!?!?!?!  

Man alive - that was hard to watch yesterday.  

I wish it was Friday night.

6 games left!  Who do we WANT to play first round??  Thoughts?
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