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I don't support the women's March for numerous reasons. If that 'makes me a disgrace' because I don't feel like a second class citizen than I'll just list a few rights that are mine & can be yours as well...

I can make my own choices.
I can VOTE.
I can speak and be heard.
I can work.
I can pay for my own meal.
I control my body.
I can dress however I please
I can love whoever I choose
I can defend myself & my family
I can marry whomever my heart desires
At the end of the day, I take responsibility for myself & there is no one or anything stopping me to do anything in this world but myself.

If you want to march about injustice, then speak on the real injustices and tragedies that affect women in foreign countries that do not have the opportunity or means to have their voices heard.
Afghanistan - unequal education rights.
Mali - women can not escape the torture of genital mutilation.
Saudi Arabia - women can't drive, no rights and must always be covered.
China & India - infantcide of baby girls.
Guatemala - the impoverished female underclass faces domestic violence, rape and the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS after sub-Saharan Africa.
Democratic Republic of Congo - where rapes are brutal and women are left to die, or HIV infected and left to care for children alone.
Pakistan - in tribal areas where women are gang raped to pay for men's crime. An epidemic of gruesome unsolved murders has left hundreds of women dead, some of their bodies left with hate messages.

So when women get together in the United States of America to complain that they don't have equal rights as men, lets reflect on all the rights that we do have because I will not feed into this subject any longer. I respect & value your continue to express yourself as I just did & lets move forward encouraging other women to love & empower one another. Let's not allow each other to feel oppressed but liberated & relieved we have the highest respect than just about any other country.

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Internet set to cut cord with US government this year.

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Learn the threat

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It's not fall till we have Persimmon Cake. We love this.

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Good questions on pertinent issues.  Take the quiz.

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I'll miss the sweet fragrance from the last roses of the season.
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