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I like to see another contender to go up against Intel and AMD, and this looks like it might actually compete. I think it'll come down to price, and actual real world performance. I'm pretty sure both of the parts they compare to the VIA chip are not the current offerings from either. Or at very least, AMD and Intel will both have a new part out very soon after VIA releases Isaiah II. So, I'll be interested to see actual performance. But it doesn't matter if it gets 10 or 15% the performance while consuming 20% more power. In the segment they're targeting, performance per watt is key. It'll be interesting to see how the VIA CPU fares.
Only the third active licencee of Intel's x86 machine architecture, VIA Technology, is readying its first x86 processor in years, codenamed Isaiah II. This chip is based on a brand new 64-bit x86 core design by VIA and the engineering team it acquired from Centaur Technology, another erstwhile x86 l...
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Daniel Thorpe

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I got an old Asus eeepc 900 for $10 at the Portland free geek. No ram or ssd and sold as-is. I also have a eeepc 901 that I've not used in literally years. I'm not a fan of the rounded bulbous design. The original 701 and 900 is just perfect for me.

I also don't have the AC adapter for it. But it just uses 12v at 3A so I figured one of the many wall warts and various adapters I had lying around, one should work. Nope. None of them were more than 1.5A and none had the right barrel jack. I'm not one to have a bunch of female barrel jacks that I can solder to laptops on hand, so I needed a different option.

Luckily, a friend had planned on using this exact netbook as a car computer. So he had a car cigarette lighter adapter that was both 12v and 3A, but also had the proper barrel jack. We still had to get power to this thing. So the friend in question that had the adapter used the power brick from his now useless butterfly Labs bitcoin miner, which was 13v and 6A. He lopped the end off, soldered it to a female car power socket, that we then plugged the car adapter into, to then power the laptop. Its probably the most round about way to get power to a battery ever. But it worked and now the netbook is running lubuntu 14.04. I now have a neat little have Internet anywhere computer =) 
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Daniel Thorpe

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Daniel Thorpe

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Drive looks really neat. It's a new app by +Jolicloud
Get your files together. The best file browser for Chrome and Chromebook.
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Daniel Thorpe

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Minor moments in time can have a major impact over the course of history. Just imagine what must have occurred in order to shape and alter your own existence. 
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Daniel Thorpe

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So this has a myriad of implications. Most I can think of are not good. At least for xfinity and more importantly, their customers 
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