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Made of awesome every so often
Made of awesome every so often

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Google + is apparently really insecure about it's own appearance now.
"What do you use Google + for?"
"How satisfied with you of the appearance of Google +?"
"Does this font size make me look fat?" 

So, I'm currently trying to learn Ruby programming for a job. Any advice?

Cowstick Soda returns on the 24th. Ho ho ho.

Three familiar juvenile delinquents throw aside their half-baked scams for something a little more profitable. One is the leader. Another is the brains, the last is the brawn. Coming soon to Adult Swim, Ed, Edd, n Eddy: Professional Heisters.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Arguing, fighting, debating about a topic is not going to make it go away. If you want people to shut up about something, don't pay attention to it. Don't fight on their blogs, don't give them attention of any kind. Attention = power in the internet world, whether it's good or bad attention. So, if you find something annoys you on the internet, or you don't agree with a certain group of people, don't reply back, don't say anything, don't even look at whatever piece of crap blog they try to cook up to get you pissed off.

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I believe there should be a basic IQ test administered before someone can be cleared for use of internet. I've had it with human stupidity running rampant and having actual impact on this country. Case in point being that fucking CancelColbert hashtag that was a result of a complete misunderstanding by an account that wasn't even his, yet thousands backed behind this movement. It failed, thankfully, but god.. so many people refused to do any research, or try to take what was said with a grain of salt that a man's career was almost ended in a flash. I'm so sick of people overreacting on the internet, and having it gain any actual attention on what's SUPPOSED TO BE legit news.
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