Digboo (digiboo.com), the company that rents and sells video content in digital form via public kiosks, has spread to the University of Minnesota.

Two kiosks are now in operation in the Minneapolis campus' Coffman Memorial Union, and one kiosk is on the St. Paul campus in the main Student Center.

Digiboo had earlier set up about a dozen of the kiosks at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and later added kiosks at Maplewood Mall and the Southdale mall.

(I've written about Digiboo before: bitly.com/digiboo)

The kiosks provide movies and TV shows for purchase or rental to those toting computers (Windows only for now) or mobile devices (iOS as well Android is now supported). The idea is to provide instant video gratification for those who are on the go and craving a  Hollywood fix.

Digiboo aims to compete with video-download services like Apple's iTunes Store and the Google Play store by getting movies and TV shows onto devices more quickly, via thumb drives or high-speed kiosk-to-device wireless connections.

This can be a bit confusing for newbies, though, and the quality of the video files isn't great. I've found the kiosks to be a bit flaky at times, too.
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