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Your only toolbox to manage your Instagram account on the web
Your only toolbox to manage your Instagram account on the web

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New donate page has been online since yesterday!
You can see why you should donate us money ;) and who the previous donators are(many thanks to those included).
Here take a look :
Giggles guaranteed ! :-)

New feature is out now on the Statigram site:
Photos are now sortable into folders for those of you who are really snap happy!
You can sort them in the 'My photos' tab :-)

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Some of you may have been experiencing problems through Statigram and/or Instagram. The problem ws fully fledged yesterday but I do believe thats its sorted itself out for many of you. It's something that was out of our control as its coming from Instagram's side.
But there has been some changes. Take a look here!

API problem: all photos with the new version come through as "Normal".
IG team told us this is a known issue and will start working (including with the new filter names) as soon as their next release is out. so don't worry if you have strange filters statistics.

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Looking at a particular photo and struggling to remember which filter effects you put on them? The 'Filter Usage' section of the site gives you the top five filters used. But wait there's more. Clicking on the filter actually allows you to see which photo has had that effect applied to it! Problem solved!

New! Hashtags feature on the homepage of Statigram. You can view the most popular tags on Instagram and search for other tags! This feature will help you make your photos more popular because you can then tag them with the most searched tags at that time! Our feature is updated EVERY 15 mins so you can be up-to-date ALL the time! Enjoy this feature- which is on the homepage!
I would like to know users opinions about the feature once you've had a chance to use it so don't hesitate to leave a comment!!

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We were 4 months old on monday! Just a quick look at the cake we use to celebate!
Sending out a massive thankyou to everyone so far who helped and supported us!! :-)

4000 new users have joined us on Statigram last week! Just to say a big Welcome and thanks to everyone for your support!! If you ve got any feedback/suggestions or account problems - just let us know!! :-)

A big HELLO to all statigrammers; to follow will be updates on our services and the opportunity to give us your input on our services! Keep tuned and as always any problems, don't hesitate to contact us!! I am your Community Manager; and I'm here to help :-)

First day on google+ ! add me in your circles!
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