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"Said Emerson, my faithful ally in this and many another matter, 'The doctrine of hatred must be preached as the counteraction of the doctrine of love when that pules and whines.' We are all pulers and whiners today, we are born such and rarely out grow it. Bitterness is the only thing which can tear the bandage of Idealism from our eyes and enable us to see life as the old unseduced Greeks and Romans saw it. And when we can see life as the Greeks and Romans saw it perhaps we will have no further use for bitterness and can then throw it away." - John Erwin McCall, 'The Religion of Egoism, A Prayer for More Bitterness.'

For more information, see 'A Bible Not Borrowed From the Neighbors' from Underworld Amusements. 
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That is the first Emerson quote I have read that I like.
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Kevin Slaughter

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Hosting a hangout with my other account... 
One one hour, 5pm Eastern US, I'll be hostin a pre-release viewing of "The Great Satan" lecture. I'll open a "hangout" here in 30-45 minutes...
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Sorry I missed it!
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Kevin Slaughter

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thanks for checking Kevin, i guess paypal it is then.
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Kevin Slaughter

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+Kevin Slaughter  has released a new short documentary film.

As a guest at The Black House, the home of the High Priest and Priestess of the Church of Satan, he filmed an interview with Peter H. Gilmore. There was a party later that evening and he requested to speak to any attendees that would answer a rather simple, but open-ended, question: “What does Satanism mean to you?” This video distills the answers, covering many different facets of why someone would identify with such a taboo philosophy.

All of the interviewees self-identify as Satanists, but many had never spoken about it publicly. What has resulted is in stark contrast to most documentaries on Satanism that stress the more lurid or shocking elements. Here, instead, is a rather intimate but unrestrained portrait.

Reverend Slaughter’s Kickstarter project is still running, with only a few days left:
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Kevin Slaughter

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Hace cinco años, en la Noche de Walpurgis, anuncié junto a mi co-editor la realización de “The Satanic Scriptures”, escrito por el Sumo Sacerdote de la Iglesia de Satán, Peter H. Gilmore, es un libro fundamental en el Satanismo como una filosofía atea, moderna y epicúrea.

Hoy anuncio a través desde mi propia casa editora, “Underworld Amusements”, que estoy preparando la realización de “Las Escrituras Satánicas”, la edición en español del mismo libro.

La edición en Inglés fue lanzada en este sólido estuche y en tapa dura, pero necesito saber si puedo conseguir suficientes compradores interesados en esta edición en el mismo formato.

Es por eso que estoy desarrollando una campaña introductoria. Esto no es caridad, soy yo vendiéndole libros, solamente si usted y suficientes personas los quieren. Usted todavía puede invertir y optar por no conseguir nada, pero yo quiero vender libros, este libro, una asombrosa edición limitada, en su versión en español.

He establecido nuestra meta a un nivel donde esta edición en estuche y tapa dura de “Las Escrituras Satánicas será elaborado por las mismas personas que realizaron la edición en Inglés, y cuento con un equipo de seis traductores y correctores provenientes de muchos países de habla hispana asegurándose que no sea solamente un doblaje, sino que la mejor traducción para hispano-parlantes a través del globo.

Nosotros también desarrollamos esta campaña inicial (Kickstarter) debido a que es coherente con la visión de mundo presentada en el libro que estamos publicando. Sin implicar nada acerca de la campaña inicial o de los empleados, La Iglesia de Satán cree en la meritocracia – donde las mejores ideas, las mejores personas y las mejores cosas deben alzarse hasta la cima.

Pienso que este proyecto posee el mérito de ir más allá de su realización.

Para alcanzar esta meta, doy la bienvenida a su ayuda para dejar que la comunidad hispano parlante alrededor del mundo sepa que esto está en preparación y que es la única forma de obtener una edición en tapadura o estuche. Solamente existirá si usted la compra dentro de los próximos cuarenta días a través de esta página y si se consigue el 100% (cien porciento) de público necesario para hacer lo mismo.

No se trata de caridad desprendida, apoyando y promocionando este proyecto está el propio interés en cualquiera que esté de acuerdo o interesado en esta filosofía.

Planeamos este lanzamiento en Halloween de este año, y para saber más sobre este libro y como el proyecto va progresando vea el texto de abajo, nuestros blogs de la Campaña Inicial (Kickstarter) y observe nuestros videos. Estaremos haciendo muchos y exclusivos posteos de promoción, incluyendo una entrevista con el autor Peter H. Gilmore, junto con acceso previo a las traducciones de algunos de los ensayos y más.

Compre el libro ahora, subscríbase a todas nuestras medios sociales y ayúdenos a correr la voz.
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KICKSTARTER. Hace cinco años, en la Noche de Walpurgis, anuncié junto a mi co-editor la realización de “The Satanic Scriptures”, escrito por el Sumo Sacerdote de la Iglesia de Satán, Peter H. Gilmore,...
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Kevin Slaughter

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A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors
Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism
edited by Kevin I. Slaughter
6x9”, 164 pages, paperback, $14.95

Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter has edited and published a collection of essays and aphorisms on philosophical Egoism, a worldview that significantly overlaps with Satanic ideas in important ways. These writers, contemporaries of Ragnar Redbeard, rejected the altruism and egalitarianism in their time. Blasphemous, mocking and visceral, they are the children of Nietzsche, Stirner and Thoreau. They held no idea as sacred, and upheld themselves as the ultimate arbiters of their own fate… concepts that we Satanists know quite well.

Because the masses prefer ideas that flatter themselves over ones that disparage the sickly mob-mind, these writers are often forgotten and intentionally overlooked.

In the video above, Kevin reads a truncated version of one of the essays included in the book, from which it gets its name. Titled ”The Religion of Egoism: A Prayer for More Bitterness”, it was written by John Erwin McCall in 1898.

The editor believes that one of the greatest aspects of LaVey’s work is that he has provided a gateway to just this kind of reactionary and subversive thought, as opposed to the god-mongers who want all roads to lead back to their own sacred word and divine being. They create closed systems through enforced taboos against forbidden thoughts… lest their sheep begin to get too curious.

The book can be purchased from:
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Kevin Slaughter

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Updated this entry on the project site...
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Hi kevin i am john from nigeria i have been traying all i can to join but is not working please if you know any ordar wey please let me know please. 
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Kevin Slaughter

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We insisted this book and campaign be run on and succeed by merit. 
There has been one reward level that has remained untouched over the past 37 days and now we're dropping the price!

I've been asked if backers can upgrade their pledge, YES. You can choose a higher reward level and change the amount of your order.
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Kevin Slaughter

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Graphic designer, bibliophile.

"What can be more soothing, at once to a man’s Pride, and to his Conscience, than the conviction that, in taking vengeance on his enemies for injustice done him, he has simply to do them justice in return?" -Edgar Allan Poe

"Beer isn't such a blessing to men
as it's supposed to be;
the more you swallow, the less you stay
the master of your mind" - selection from Havamal

"Out of kindness, we stopped the predators, and the deer herd expanded until it starved. Out of compassion we taught the primitives hygiene, and their death rate plummeted, their population exploded, and then famine. Out of empathy we sent food and taught them to live with other tribes under the same government. Again their population doubled, and famine set in with genocide. The scale of suffering had only been magnified by the hubris of liberals trying to do good." - Perry Lorenz

"While love shuts down areas of the brain associated with judgment and reasoning by contrast those consumed with hate have very active reasoning facilities. It takes logic to figure out how to attack your enemy." - Randall Parker "Brain Scans Of People Full Of Hate Show Uniqe Hate Signature"

"Whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some transatlantic giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track in the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever, or die by suicide." - Abraham Lincoln

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