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Dean Bergin (Draino)
If willpower where the equivalent of the force I would be a master™
If willpower where the equivalent of the force I would be a master™

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This probably belongs here in Epic Fails

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Which way?

#fail #epicfail

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Here lies my trophy for weeks of datacentre troubleshooting and eventual fix of a client dark fibre issue which ended up being the most unlikely of places for a faulty cable that only affected one specific wavelength

#trophy #reminder

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How nice of +Cisco to give me a bug for my birthday!

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Used toilets are not to be placed in sanitary bins!

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I would have thought that Emacs was entertaining but, Vim?

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When some organisations block external DNS queries, there's +G Suite dig (DNS) tool!

Bit odd that it's hosted in G Suite, but hey, the output is familiar to one such as myself not to mention Google is one of the most available online services for most organisations.


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Positive feedback welcomed
Experimenting some more with the camera
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#netadmin #windows #sanity

Function traceroute
Start-Process -FilePath "$env:systemroot\system32\tracert.exe" -ArgumentList $args -NoNewWindow -Wait

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Can anybody help with this issue?

I've sent feedback a number of times now, but the app is nearly unusable.

I've tried;
- clearing app cache
- wiping cache partition

The only thing that has changed is 7.0 and 7.1 has been released on my device (Nexus 6/Shamu), which the issue started some time after that.
+Google+​ app is now crashing on me. Regularly.

From what I can tell it appears to be a bug with handling certain images while scrolling past as I can replicate this with about 90% accuracy at the post in which it crashed at.

Question is, am I the only person experiencing this?

According to a quick Google search all I could find was old posts from a year ago or older which makes me concerned that my device could have some malware on it, but I wouldn't be able to get rid of it short of flashing my device which won't actually prove if it was malware.
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