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Amber Z
Graduate. Writer. Blogger. Traveler. Latter-Day Saint.
Graduate. Writer. Blogger. Traveler. Latter-Day Saint.

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Fantastic pilot. You can do a lot of emotional travel in seven minutes. #finalspace #olanrogers

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Beautiful, as always. #thepianoguys  

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Great job! Great movie too.

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It's neat that doing an image search in Microsoft Word/Bing will automatically give you images under Creative Commons.

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Hey I know that name...great quote.

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Peter Hollens dedicates this to the late Sir Christopher Lee. Lovely song. The original artist sings it beautifully as well.

So sad to hear about Sir Christopher Lee.

It's funny how much more you appreciate someone's occupation when you try it for a few days. Substitute teachers and librarians, I'm looking at you.

"This place is awesome." "Really? Does it inspire awe?"

"The term 'enlightenment' is a literal [physical] one." Julia Cameron
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