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BlackHeart Marco
I'm The one and true author of "BlackHeart". I am currently writing a story. and have more to show if you are interested.
I'm The one and true author of "BlackHeart". I am currently writing a story. and have more to show if you are interested.


Chapter 3
Returning Home

"Hey kid" said Ren
"Seems like you're part of our group now, eh? You basically met everyone here, and i've heard your adventure with Olivia."
Ren exclaims.
Marco felt happy to see them again because he thought he would never see them again.
"Marco!" Olivia said with surprise and joy.
"Hi!" Marco said with joy.
"Looks like hes come back" said sam
"Looks that way" said Xavier
"Welcome back!" Hector says
Ema looks towards Marco. "You already met my friends??" Ema said in surprised confusion.
"Yeah i guess so" Marco said.
As marco bought some hot dogs, fries and pop, he went to go sit down with his new found friends he cared so dearly for. he ate his food with his friends and talked until 1 pm.
Marco checks the clock hanging by the food court.
Ahh! I gotta get home! My mom and dad must be worried about me! I gotta get home!" Marco exclaims.
Ren looks at marco with a straight look.
"i'll take you home." Ren said.
Ren looks back at all his friends then to Marco.
"Ok, lets go." Ren says as he gets up from his seat.
As Marco and Ren get on the bike and drive off,
Marcos new friends were gone like shadows never to be seen again.
Marco didn't look back, nor did Ren.
They drove up the road and into the woods where his house was.
Speeding through the woods down a long road.
It took quite some time until.......
They got there.....

Ren and Marco pull up on the side of the road.
"I gotta go, i hope we meet again someday."Ren said as Marco jumps off the bike.
"Ok, i hope i see you too!" Marco said with joy.
As Ren drives away from the town, the direction where he came from, he fades away by distance, then disappears.
Marco has his shopping, he runs towards his house through the path to his house, running and running, puffing and puffing.
What he finds shocks him to the bone, scared him for life and ruins his childhood.
His big house is lit on fire with black flames and embers floating in the air, burning everything it touched.
Marco can hear his parents screaming inside, he drops his shopping and runs towards the burning house. He sees his parents burning alive through the huge window, as he runs closer, an explosion happens, knocking back Marco, the screaming stopped and the house continues to burn down.
As sirens are heard from afar, Marco is on his knees crying, knowing he lost his parents.
He cries until there is nothing but embers and ash on the ground.
The police, ambulance, and the fire department showed up but they were too late.
The fire trucks put out the embers and police took Little Marco for questioning. When the got to the police station in town, They questioned him.
He told them his mom sent him on an adventure to go shopping, he met new friends, had lunch with them and when he came back, his house was on fire, Black Fire.
The police believed everything except the last part.
Shortly after, a man came into the room.
"Ok little boy, this is Dave Barker, hes come to talk to you about what happened." said a cop.
"i got it from here, officer." said Dave.
The officer left the room and closed the door.
"Ok whats your name?" Dave asked.
Little Marco is still in tears.
"M-M-Marco...." he said still crying.
"My name is Dave Barker. and i've come to find you a new home, the cops told me what you told them. It was shocking to me." dave said.
"I-I-Want my mom and dad!" Marco is still crying.
"ill help you get a new mom and dad, i promise. Come, follow me"
Marco stops crying but kept a sad look on his face.
Marco followed him into a van the said child services on the side of the van. Marco was taken from his hometown and taken somewhere far away.
a long time has passed, hes taken to a building that said child services on it.
Marco was taken into a room by the entrance.
"Ok. there's a lot of adoptions hear for you, lets start from the top"
dave said as he sat in his office chair.
As marco got adopted, he lasted a few weeks then was sent back.

Age 10
was adopted 8 times and sent back.
Marco grew an attitude over time.

Age 13
Was adopted 15 times and sent back.
Marco got his own room in the building because the other kids didn't like him.

Age 17
And hes still in child services.
Marco has a mental issue due to trauma.

And it came down to the last person up to adopt.
He was sent back within three days.
Dave has aged over the years and so has Marco.
Marco never seemed to smile no more and Dave is worried about
about his well being.
He has consoling and they give him food and a place to stay in the building.
And spending money, but this never really made Marco happy.
The Agent called Marco into Dave's office.
They have a chat about not hanging onto Marco and said hes gonna have to live on his own next year.

Until the phone rang...

"Hello?" said Dave over the phone.
"Id love to adopt a child, can you help me with that?"
said a young lady over the phone.
"Sure, but we only have one teenager here at the moment."Said Dave.
"I'd love to adopt him!" said the young lady.
(How did she know he was a boy?) Dave thought.
"I appreciate you taking in the boy Ma'am" Dave said
"My pleasure." she said.
"Now i just need your name and address" Dave asked
"Uh huh.."
Dave stopped in shock.
"That's what?" the woman asked.
"Nevermind, i]ll take him there right away." Dave exclaimed.
Marco is sitting in the shadows, trying to listen in but didn't catch what the other person was saying over the phone.
Dave hangs up the phone and stands up from his seat.
"I gotta take you back where you came from..." said Dave.
Marco never knew the town where he came from, not even the name.
The day was setting but still up.
Marco packed all his things he collected over the years that was all he had, His ipod with earphones, some clothes, his art book and supplies.
Marco got in the van he was so familiar with over the years.
They drove around the city onto the highway that led into the woods as they were driving.
Marco was listening to music to kill time.
The ride took awhile and the sun was ready to set.
He looked into the woods as they were driving, it looked like shadowy people lurking in the dark. but Marco has Psychosis, a mental issue, so he didn't believe in what he saw.
As they passed by a sign with the name scratched out, He wondered why.
Marco saw the moon and the sun about to take turns sharing the sky. Dave drove into the entrance of town and drove around a little bit to find the address. Marco noticed there was barely any people at all around town. He thought (Maybe its almost night time)
He also noticed people walking around looking lost.
But Marco didn't care.
Dave drove into where all the houses were and started looking around, and when they did find the house,Marco and dave saw two people standing outside.
"Here's the address, and look! They are already waiting for you."
Dave said to Marco.
There's a young woman in black and red, she had red streaks in front of her hair and red eyes.
Marco heard about natural red eyes before but he didn't think he'll ever see the 0.08% of natural red eyes in the human population.
And a young man standing next to her, he has white hair, green jacket, and blue jeans.
Marco and Dave got out of the van to meet his new parents.
"Nice to meet you Ma'am, i'm Dave Barker, and you are?" Dave asked.
"Amanda, Amanda Rose." she said.
"And you are, sir?" Dave asked
"Roger White" he said.
I'm from child services and i've come to drop off Marco,
Marco looks at them and doesn't give a fuck.
"Ok i gotta go now, i'm busy after this" said Dave.
"Ok, we will take good care of our new son." Said Amanda.
Dave got in the van and drove off where he came from.
Marco was carrying everything he had.
"So wheres the rest of your stuff?" said Amanda.
"This is it." Marco said.
Amanda felt sorrow for Marco.
"Well son, we got you your own room to call your own.
Come, let us be a Family." Roger said.
They went inside the house, it has two floors upstairs main floor and a basement.
They went upstairs to show Marcos room.
"Here you are, your own room." Amanda said.
Marco didn't smile, he just sat down on the bed and started unpacking what he had into the drawers, And sat back down on the bed, Just sitting there.
Amanda felt very sorry for Marco.
She didn't think he'll be this way. Amanda walked up to Marco and went on one knee.
"Marco, i don't know what happened to you, but Mommys here now.....It doesnt have to hurt anymore...." Amanda said with sorrow as she held Marco tightly in her arms.
"Come downstairs for supper soon, we have much to talk about."
Amanda got up and went out the door and Roger closed the door.
Marco looked sad and didn't smile and said

"You're not my mom....."

Chapter 2
Walking in the Town

As Marco finds his way to the food, he thinks to look in a store, but their are so many stores in the food market.
Next, he begins to get lost and the people begin to stare at him.
Scared of his situation he was in.
Until he feels a hand on his shoulder.
"Hey kid, you lost?"
Marco slowly turns around, but it turned out to be a nice young lady that had green eyes and red hair, in a white t-shirt and sky blue long shorts.
"My name is Olivia, whats yours?" olivia said
frightened for a moment but relieved.
"My name is Marco, And yeah i am kinda lost" said little marco.
Olivia notices the yellow paper.
*Olivia chuckles
"Are you going shopping? that's so cute!" Olivia said with a smile.
"What's first on the list? I can help you." Olivia exclaims
"its macaroni" says marco.
"Great, we are close to the pasta section. Follow me." Olivia exclaims
"OK!" little marco said
As they walk a few food aisles down from where they were and down to the macaronis.
"Ok, take your pick, marco.
marco thinks about it.
"I'll take..."
Marco recognizes what his mom buys.
"This one" marco grabs the food
"whats next?" Olivia asks
"Ground beef" little marco exclaims.
Olivia starts walking down the store.
"Ok, we gotta go to the butcher for some meat" Olivia exclaims.
"Eept!! Is the butcher some crazy cutting up people like in the movies?!" marco said in a frighting matter.
Olivia gives him a strange look.
Marco feels like his soul is being stared into.
*Olivia laughs
"hahaha, you silly kid, no, a butcher is someone that handles meat at the store." Olivia exclaims.
"oh" marco sighs in relief.
"C'mon we're almost there." Olivia exclaims.
Marco thinks. (what was that look?)
"Ok, what meat you want?" olivia asks
"i don't know, they all look so different" marco says
then suddenly.
"hey kid! what'cha looking for?" the young butcher said as he comes out behind the glass counter.
"oh, hey Hector, this boy needs some meat, what do you recommend?" Olivia asks
"Wait, i have just the very thing..." Hector goes in the back
As it takes awhile, Marco notices more people not only at him, but the people he was with.
"here you go, fresh from the butcher" Hector says proudly.
"so you went to go pound the meat?" Olivia cracks a joke
As Olivia laughs, Hector gets annoyed and little marco didn't get it.
"Ok see you at lunch" Olivia said
"See you soon" Hector said
"Say thank you to hector, Marco." Olivia said to marco
Hector gives him that strange look.
Marco feels that same feeling.
"Th..thank you hector." marco thanked him.
hector smiles.
"ok run along, little boy." Hector said as he went back behind the counter.
"lets go" Olivia exclaimed.
as Olivia starts walking in a puzzle manner around the store, marco can't remember where they were.
Olivia turned the corner, Marco catches up. when he does, he sees two people in black talking to her. The tall one on the left starts saying.
"Hey kid, i hear you're looking for your supper, and it seems like you're putting a soup together." the tall one said
"Yeah i am" marco exclaimed.
"Here you go, its tomato soup"
the one on the right says
"Here top it off with this."
Marco looks at the list, then looks at them
Marco takes the cans it is because its what he needs.
(Those eyes....They scare me.)
"My names sam," the one on the left says with a deep voice.
"Names Xavier" the one on the right says with a less deep voice.
"These guys are my friends, Marco." Olivia said to marco.
her friends stop the scary look
"So you guys are gonna meet up soon?" says Olivia
"Yeah we were gonna until we ran into you here,with this kid."
As sam says with his face mask on.
As marco takes a quick look at them. Sam has a black sweater with a hood and navy blue jeans and old sneakers. His hair was flipped to one side. Marco takes a look at Xavier. He has side bangs with the hair cut in front not making it long.
He has what looks like a drench coat that's not zipped up.
He has a black shirt, grey jeans, and high top sneakers.
Marco feels afraid so he hides behind Olivia just peeking behind her. Olivia notices Marco hiding. she feels affection.
"its ok Marco, they are my friends." she said calmly
"well, you sure have scary friends." marco says as he's frightned.
they both laugh in humor.
"Hey kid, you're funny man" says Sam
"No wonder why shes with you" Xavier
"Ok, see you guys later!"
sam says.
they both raise one hand and wave without looking back.
Marco comes out of hiding and says " See ya later!"
they were already gone. As Marco sees theres nothing to fear, Olivia says something to Marco.
"So whats next on the list?" Olivia asked.
"Ve-get-ables" Marco tried saying.
"'Vegetables?" she aked
"yeah that"marco answered.
"But i need it in a pack." marco exclaimed.
"I see....i think i know where to go." Olivia exclaimed.
she starts walking around the store, until they see a long line of doors
"Ok, this is it, new we just gotta look for it." olivia exclaimed
As they pass from door to door looking though them, they finally find it. "here it is." she exclaimed as she takes the pack of vegetables from the frezzer, sher kindly gives it to marco.
"Ok i see we got everything on the list what else is next?"
she asks.
"My junk food." Little marco exclaimed.
Olivia points to where he needs to go.
"This is where you need to go next" she points tothe junk food.
Olivia feels a little sad because she had a good time with little marco.
"Ok this is it marco, i gotta meet up with my friends, i hope you get home soon." she said
Marco hugged her legs tightly with affection.
"Thank you..." marco said to her
"Se ya later" said olivia with sorrow.
As she walks out the front doors, she looked back then walked forward towards the food market.
Little marco seen her leave. he missed her.
But it was all part of the adventure. so marco went towards the junk food, when he was there her seen a girl there pondering on what to buy. He went close to her but to buy a soft drink.
He also wondered what to buy.
"you thinking on what to buy too?" the girl said.
"Yeah, i'm thinking of buying pop." Little Marco said.
"Me too, but which one?" said the girl.
They both pondered in thinking.
"I'm gonna grab....umm....this one, Sepsi." says Marco as he's sure.
"i think im gonna grab.....Moke." said the girl.
"Hey kid, whats your name? My name is Ema.
Ema is wearing a white tube top, medium black skirt and black and white shoes, she had a pony tail,and bangs in front.
"My name is Marco" Marco said in happiness because he got everything he needed.
"Looks like you're shopping for supper, What are you making?"
Ema said in curiosity.
"I think its soup" Marco exclaimed.
"MMMmmmm, i wish i could be there, but i gotta meet up with my friends to eat" As ema turns to Marco, she says.
"Hey, wanna come have lunch with us! she said joyfully.
"Lets see how much money i got after i buy all this." Marco said in concern. "Ok lets buy!" Ema said with joy again!
Marco notices a boy staring at him at the end of the aisle while Ema says her words.
After she is done and turns around, the boy is seen walking away, never to be seen again.
As little Marco and Ema find the cashier and pay for their shopping, they walk out of the store and stand around to talk.
"So how much money you got? Ema asked.
"Lets see..." Marco checks his pockets to only to pull out $14.50.
"$14.50 i have." Marco exclaimed.
"Ok, that will be enough to buy something to eat." Ema said surely
"Ok lets find my friends and eat!" Ema said cheerfully.
As little Marco was following Ema towards the food court down the street, people were staring at them every time they pass someone, Marco began to notice that people were staring at the people he was with too. He wondered why.
As they were reaching the food court, he recognized the bike he rode on. Marcos heart raced up.
Up ahead, he sees the people he encountered earlier today, and seeing them from a short distance.
Ren got up from his seat while holding a soda in his hands.
"Hey kid."

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Marco begins his normal day with an unexpected date, this new girl brings Marco to the food court to hang around but some sudden things happen, our edgy hero and mysterious enemy is about to collide for the first time.
Click to view some story.
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just a small update about whats happening with the writing with my novel
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Chapter 13 of black heart.

i hope i spark an interest to anybody that sees this and thank you for reading.
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Chapter 12 of Black Heart.

share my work if you think its worthy of sharing, i hope you enjoy a story such as this. thanks for reading, will be posting more soon.
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here is where i post some artwork involving Black Heart
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Here is some artwork that i have for you all, its part of my story.
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Volume 1
Chapter 1

"Can you buy some food at the store" said mom.
He sprung out of his room and went to mom.
"Ok what do you need?" said marco
"Here is a list of things for supper, can you handle it?" mom said to marco.
"Yes i can!" little marco said in excitement.
mom hands him 50$
"Ok get dressed and go on your grand adventure for mommy" mom said with a smile.
"i will" little marco smiles
While marco puts on his black jacket and shoes, dad walks in
"Hey son where are you going? dad said
"I'm going on an adventure!" little marco said
*dad chuckles
"have fun out there son"
dad sees a yellow paper what marco was holding with some words he can make out that looked like food ingredients.
Marco leaves the house.
"Are you sure he'll be ok going all alone?" dad said in concern.
"He's a nice sweet boy, and he already knows his was around town, That's smart for a 6 year old boy." mom explained.
"yeah, you're right" dad said
As marco was still behind the door, outside, he felt like they had faith in him, and he will do them proud.
As marco made it to the main road, he heard a roaring coming down the road behind him, he was walking until a stranger came pulled up beside him.
"Hey kid, need a ride? i'm heading to town." Said the stranger.
Marco looked at him.
He had a black leather jacket, awesome hair cut, dark blue jeans, and was driving on one of those biker motorcycles.
Marco wasn't sure but they were going to the same place, then he remembered.
This is an adventure, it's about meeting new people, seeing sights, and having the time of your life. Plus he looked cool.
"OK!" marco exclaimed
"My names Ren, Whats yours?" Ren asked
"Marco!" exclaimed
"Ok marco, hop on the front seat so you won't fall off." Ren exclaimed.
Marco jumps on, feeling lots of excitement and a sense of adventure, because he never rode a motorcycle before with someone he just met.
Ren put a helmet on marco, but marco doesn't remember him wearing it or having it on his bike, but the sense of adventure took over him and easily forgotten it.
"ADVENTURE!" Marco shouted as they drove off.
There were no other vehicles on the road so Ren speeded up, bringing joy to little marco, and when a vehicle did show up, he slowed to normal speed.
After finally arriving at downtown, Ren dropped off marco at the food market.
"I'm meeting my friends here for a bite, so this is where the road ends" said Ren.
"That's ok, this is where i wanted to go, Thank you!"
marco said in spirit.
Marco looked at the list.

-Ground beef
-Tomato soup
-Vegetable soup
-vegetable pack
-one choice of junk food
*Deep Breath
"Ok i can do this."

Writers Note: This writing means everything to me please don't disrespect.

In The Forgotten Land, There was a Town with no Name, The old Lore gone with time.
Shadow People lurk in the Deep Woods preying on anyone who Dares Come in the Deep Woods.

There is a teenage boy named Marco
his past is tragedy from the start, his parents lost in a house fire and taken from his hometown from child services.
he has bounced back and forth from adoption to being returned.
This boy is 17 now and will soon be kicked out of the services because he is getting too old to hang on to.
His last adoption was returned.
So the agent had a talk with Marco, then the phone rang.

This is the moment that changed his terrible life, his hateful mind will change, will open up to all the unknown and forgotten moments, He will finally have answers to his questions about his life.

On the other end of the phone, a secret society called The Forgotten, Has called upon the Black Heart to come back home and fight on their side to put an end to the darkness.

Opposing The Forgotten, are the 7 Dark Seals and The Shadow people. The 7 Dark Seals are people that have encountered The Darkness in person. Once called Divine Seals but have fallen and left incomplete and has fallen to the ways of the dark without clear motives.
They slumber until the Black Heart returns home.

Every moment is like a historic moment that is happening, Unfolding after years of suffering and pain.
Marco is the Black Heart, He carries the powers of The Darkness`s power, An unstoppable force against anything mortal.
But he is yet to discover this as he heads into "The Town Of Darkness" to find himself and find whats the meaning of all this happening that could end the world and consume the Earth in Darkness with the 7 Dark Seals and its Shadow People Consuming the world.

This is a great story about a boy about to become a man, that fights constant hardship and survival to find a happy ending when there is no happy ending.

This is the Moment of Happening.

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