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Bad PR department:
We met up with Candy Casey for dinner, near Conrad Schnakenberg & fight practice, settling on Sunrise Diner.
What a hole.
OK, food was average, and I will say service was prompt.
Service was MORE than prompt because those guys wanted us the FUCK out of there. I don't know if it was appearance, service dog, post-work demeanor, the fact we talked about SOPA & NDAA, or what have you, but every step was a hustle along. I also haven't caught so many dirty looks since I was actually delinquent, let alone a grown-ass man with a job.
So, Sunrise Diner just past Wantagh Ave on Sunrise Highway: you managed to tell three adults of means that we weren't wanted, and I'm passing that on to my 400ish Facebook contacts and hundred-or-so G+ people. Congratulations.

Well, three restarts, infinite client restarts, uninstalls and reinstalls, knowledgebase browsing, and two requests for assistance later, the Google Music local client still thinks I have no room on the server, meanwhile I have a grand total of 320 songs or so on there. I was excited to make my music cloud-resident but I don't know why -- I have no real desire to play it on my phone, and I have foobar and itunes for local play. I guess I was excited to buy music on the internet without paying Apple, who I already know shortchanges the artist and often adds DRM, but now I'm deciding not to pay people who can't get their house in order before announcing and getting me excited. Again, don't use this piece of garbage.

Google Music for the... win?

I got all excited. It's a music wing of the android store that also allows you to store up to 20,000 of your previously owned music files and stream them to any capable device.

So here's my experience, for which I have contacted customer support (it IS in beta):
1. Install program to upload music.
2. Can't log in.
3. Discover the program needs an application-specific password.
4. Generate password and log in.
5. Tell it to read from Itunes library and send as much as it can at random.
6. It starts chugging. I load Itunes and find that it can't find its music library index -- which is a whole other saga in itself.
7. Music begins sending while my router starts having seizures and losing connection to the world.
8. Let it chug the rest of the night, wake up this morning to find that the process stalled out at around 300 files sent -- of 20,000.
9. Close and re-open the application. To my surprise, "keep me signed in" has left the username and password fields blank. There is no visible way to recover the application-specific password. I ask google to make me another one, which works. I paste it into a fucking notepad file -- security.
10. Program runs through some setup, tells me that I can search for music and have ZERO free track spaces to send to. Only the Back button can be used. Google music on the web confirms I have 300-odd tracks.
11. I hit back and try to restart, prompts me for username and password again, "keep me logged in" prominently checked.
12. I send my support ticket to Google and reboot PC just for kicks. It comes back up asking me for a username and password. I log in and have zero free spaces to upload.

If they ever want my money it has to do what I want it to do, which is in essence what they SAID it would do, take tons of my music and make it available everywhere. This seems more like Alpha than Beta right now.

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Minecraft portable announced for android! Yaaay!

It's up now, for experia play only, for a few months yet. Boooooo.

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Simply awesome - Simply Applied and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet for doing close to nothing. See the link to enter.

Public tip, because I can't be the only one, whether or not you deserve it:
I'm not the best game player out there, but I do play. I play things at least 10 hours a week, usually online.
While I try to do well in a competitive game, what I ALSO do is report your ass to administration.
I can eat dirt, I can watch a town get attacked repeatedly and not be able to do very much about it, but what I CAN do is get your ass banned for griefing, or, say have your wonderfully imaginative name of "thcjunkie" (hint: THC DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY) or "thefuc" changed on you, forever. I tell people when you're a racist or homophobic asshat. You make us cringe, I make you stop having fun around us.
One way or another, I am on a mission to make people accountable for their douchery, even in your bro-laden wish-you-could-get-into-a-frat gamer world. I can't be the only one.
So watch your ass, and try to be civil, or I'll get your toys taken away. The WoW armory alone shows me that I'm making a difference.

Looking for advice:
I try to set monitors as high in hertz as I can to reduce eyestrain, even if it seems to cost in framerate.
When I inherited this one, it would only display in 59(?) and 60 hz. I did (INSERT SOMETHING MAGICAL) and it would let me run it at 75. Lately I updated my nvidia driver, and I am informed by the software that it can only display at 59 & 60 again.
Can anybody give me a suggestion that doesn't involve driver rollback? I suspect that there is something else I can do to fix it, I just can't figure out what.

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