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Jenn Flynn-Shon
Owning my randomness since 2007, owning my awkwardness since birth.
Owning my randomness since 2007, owning my awkwardness since birth.

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Full Disclosure and Goodbye for Now
Okay folks, here's the scoop. This post is probably going to be my last on this blog and though it somewhat pains me to admit that fact, I just have too much on my plate as a fiction author to leave stuff like this hanging out there untouched forever. I'm l...

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The Opposite of Blue
What’s the opposite of feeling blue? There is no color
equivalent to describe a happy emotion, is there? Not really. Not in the
simplest of sentences. For example, ‘ I’m blue .’
is pretty much a full sentence. Two tiny little words and people know just how

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From the Front Lines of a Failing Author
It’s raining today. Started last night around ten-ish. After
leaving Boston and moving somewhere with abundant sunshine I not only
appreciate rainy days, I kind of crave them now. And this winter Phoenix doesn’t
seem to want to disappoint me. Thanks weather...

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Words are the Worst
I’m cranky. And if you’ll allow me a small moment to have a
little pity party, the crankiness is all because I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo  this year. So, like I said, you have to allow for the part where I’m all ‘woe
is me’ because I’m fully aware I ...

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This Will Last for 1461 Days, and then a Lifetime
I tried, really hard , to stay up last night until the
results came in on the last few states. Instead of making it through, Matt and I
went to bed, fingers almost literally crossed, that the outcome didn’t
play out as it appeared. As I slumbered, I dreamed...

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Defining a Generation
I tried to stop it, this creeping feeling that I have to say
something about the election, but I literally can’t avoid those words anymore. Not
after last night. As a writer, a documenter of the human condition, and a
person who generally tries to operate f...

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I Feel Like We Were Just Here
And by “here” I mean, me, on the blog, announcing the release of a another new title . Because that’s also the last thing I shared a month or so
ago. Normally that would mean this post was full of apologies, swearing up and
down that I’ll never disappear fo...

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It’s Book Release Day!
I didn’t think this day
would ever arrive. In fact, last year in November when I started, and stopped,
the first draft of Reckless Mind twice, it actually felt
like I might leave the whole series dangling like a participle. Nothing seemed to resonate.

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“Started out Clean but I’m Jaded”
I have to be honest here, this post is one of those long
winded rants where I talk about everything and nothing at the same time. Where
I tie in all the issues plaguing an entire country, world, and bitch about
something I can’t ever fix on my own. Where I ...

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Cheering them On
Last night, Matt and I were hanging out, relaxing, and
watching some TV. These days when we watch anything on television it’s 90% either
non-commercial or old shows available to stream on Netflix. That’s because we’re
both so tired of the he-said, she-said ...
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