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We've got news for you, dear mayors! SimCity: Update 2.0! The update, which will be published soon (More details to come later), will include several critical fixes and many smaller improvements. here's a very small preview of what's to come with the update:
• Casinos are adjusted so it is possible to make a profit from them.
• Bankrupt cities can receive financial aid from other cities.
• Recycling Center bugs fixed.
• Fixed a bug that caused air pollution to come from seemingly nowhere.
• Fixed Trade Ports that stopped working for no reason.
• Neighboring cities with a large amount of buses will only send a few buses to your city, so your city is not clogged with buses.
• Fixed problems that caused cities to not process correctly.
• Data maps and some interface elements are displayed in the standard color when using filters (except for the colorblind filters)

The above is not the complete list; expect to hear further details sometime soon. Because this is the first major update, we would like to warn in advance that it is not a simple task to update the game for such a large amount of players. When the update is released, the servers may become unstable for a hour or two, but the wait should be worthwhile with all of the new changes. 

For now, try Cheetah Speed, which has been added back to some servers! Thanks for your patience, mayors!
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Wow, that's awesome! Can't wait. The sim been a blast so far.
Nic Moore
Does this update include offline mode? Maybe bigger plots of land? Better transportation? More water? Did they fix mining/drilling so you don't run out just trying to get your headquarters? How about the trade headquarters sign that doesn't work? Shall I keep going?
When you fix my bugged transport/service vehicles due to a lost building via natural disaster, I'll turn the game back on. Then again, you don't care, because you already have my money...
If they didn't care they wouldn't be doing this update now don't u think?
Un patch pour des bugs majeurs un mois après la sortie du jeu, c'est rapide... (Ironie...)

Good thing I speak french (irony)
Game is crap without decent size plots. 
There's two things that would be nice to have it on game: more road-exits to the region (only one always creates a lot of traffic in the surroundings) and a bigger regions. Now there are too smalls!! :(
For my part, I still can not start the game...
Will this update like be search for a region that has free space? Otherwise, playing the game by yourself is kind of pointless...
Having too much fun with Tropico 4... I don't see myself in SC anymore. The end of an era, and that's OK. 
Give us bigger plots. i wanna build a city bigger then a town.
It sucks that I gave you my money when I had such high hopes... For a deluxe version as well which gives me, as far as I can tell, nothing extra. 
Hopefully the city cannot be loaded at this time server issue will be addressed too. Either my friend and I have lost access to our cities in a region and is frustrating when we can't play together and must start another region. And it sucks that I won't be able to clog up my friends' cities with busses anymore. Maybe fix the rail connection for some cities before I even consider the German city pack? 
So one positive comment out of all these! This game is such a failure!
No release for Mac yet? I'm starting to think w/ all the negative reviews of not even purchasing it! Minecraft anyone? 
I'm playing Sim City 2000 and I love it!
+Marc Blackwell I think you would be wasting your money if you did. I've heard nothing good about this game; it is garbage.
I was excited about this game until I read all the reviews... I usually don't base myself on just reviews but this time around I will wait for the  game to be at a very low price to buy it.
I believe that EA would do something more (and better) that give a new game to the gamers for what they've done with this version of SimCity that most of us were waiting for ten years.

You can't forgot your customers: at last we pay your salaries...
The 2 major problems I have with this game is the tiny plot sizes (really kills the fun and creativity as you have to cram as many things into a bitty area as possible) and extremely limited water supply. The water supply issue alone dooms every city I build. But yay! At least Cheetah speed will make that happen faster! I can watch 2 cities fail per night rather than one. :P
Here's a bug have traffic merge right on roads that involves service vehicles to perform there jobs. Buildings shouldn't burn down due to a fire truck stuck in traffic. Police needs to find murderers in the city instead of having them get away. Also ambulance needs to rush citizens to the hospital immediately before they die on there way there due to traffic. None of this is not realistic in which it needs to be.
+Toni Marco   Ea does not care about their customers no matter how much we spend on their games.
All the negative comments on here are spot on, when will the be an offline mode and bigger plots?

Server outages you say? But however will players get on? They aren't used to such bad, bad service from EA.
+chants Cassel if your having water issues go to your other cities and send sewage that way and pump your sewage with a filter. They joked about it in the commercial on tv, but that's how you have to do it you won't run out! It doesn't matter shortly after that you'll run out of space and no fire or police will work anymore because they'll get stuck in traffic. They need to make parking lots for helicopters because the ones you can get will fly over traffic but not effective enough!
So no offline mode or bigger plots? And all I get is a free crudy game that doesnt even work. I vow to never buy a game from EA again. HECK I should have done that before!
The game sucks. One of the biggest disappoints in gaming industry. 

I never got tired of SimCity 4. I got tired of the new SimCity in 2 days!! 

What you really need to do: 
- Bigger, much BIGGER, land. 
- Much much much bigger land!!!!!!
- Offline Mode
- Bigger fucking land. 
Simcity, go home, you're drunk.  @EAGames congrats on your consecutive Worst Company in America win, you must be proud.
I was wondering why as soon as I plopped down my first bus station there were instantly and seemingly 200+ buses in my city causing traffic jams....sigh
Take the game offline and bring it back in 6 months when its done. Its not worth doing these small patches when bugs in the beta that were reported are STILL in the release code. 
I would love to know how many people returned this game. Are yall done beta testing yet?
Any news on the Mac version ?
+Aegis Kay something along those lines is what they gotta do! But isn't the game so far gone they need a full re-write? and anyone who has gone through this fiasco wont buy it again! They need to ask the owners of this page to stop posting things! its gotta be worse for them.
Dear simcity: If you wont compensate for size of plots or in map terraforming, at-least give us some kind of Map editor where users can make their own regions! Because playing on Tamriel or worlds from other games would be enough for me to buy the game! 
Where's your patch to fix the city area and population sizes?  Can't believe I spent $60 on SimTown.
Hey when can us Mac Users get our hands on some Sim City? 
Don't do it all at once, servers will crash again, ea blows 
Fix traffic!!! No left hand turn signals are ridiculous 
Can't wait... I stopped playing for now, because my cities became unmanageable  Garbage dumps stop working, no money from casinos, emergency services vehicles stuck, etc... so, looking forward to fixes.
Otherwise, love the game... 
Bigger plots please. My city of Kowloon is full. 
+Archie Dodge I started using the other cities in my regions to provide resources to each other  It works, sometimes... once they fix the bugs. Shared services start and stop for no apparent reason.
Awesome, now less completely unplayable than before! 
So nothing that needed to be fixed was fixed? and only small bugs were fixed... wtf
Want game to lazy to leave house, well now that I realize ill have to leave this room I don't want the game as badly, glad that that's settled - fuck u Will JK IM JUST LAZY 
Won't ever buy this game. I don't play always connected games. You made it so I can't just play it by myself so F you I'll go elsewhere for my games. 
What about the Mac version guys?
This game is a sorry excuse for a SimCity game. I have owned all the previous SimCity games but I will never buy this trash. SimCity is a single player game & should remain as such, or at least have the option to be played offline & single player. Did they not learn anything from the fiasco that was The Sims Online? Idiots.....
The game is fun, lots of haters.
They'll probably patch out the debug menu too, if the first update didn't already do that. Sigh. If EA hadn't forced always-on DRM and cloud-only saves onto this, I'd have pre-ordered it months early. Why? Because I'm an avid SimCity addict -- just it's the traditional SimCity, not Societies or anything multiplayer related. I want to be able to play my SimCity how I want, by myself. I want to be able to experiment with multiple different ideas, have cities in isolation, mod the heck out of the game with features that the community thought up off, and much much more.

Looks like I'll be playing SimCity 4 (and its Rush Hour Expansion Pack) for the foreseeable future. And not purchasing EA games until well after they've been released and reviewed and discounted. This is what a company gets when they do stupid crap like EA did to the new SimCity. Trust me, it's probably a good game otherwise.
I was going to buy this but everyone saying small land and no offline mode made me think it better to keep my money?
Biggest piece of garbage SimCity ever, cities are insanely small, not even remotely fun...seriously!
Was really hoping they would of fixed the traffic I hate seeing cars make a right turn all the damn time when they are going to a place that's straight ahead
It NEEEEDDS to happen.... BIGGER PLOTS!!!!!!! then its a much longer lasting fun experience! The little squares are soo pathedic and frustrating! 
NEED larger sized areas on which to build please. Even with all the bugs included, this is the number one thing which annoys me about the game. It's a massive let down for the franchise. 
I'm sorry to see this game get so much hate, but the bugs are pretty bad. I had to stop playing because of them, but I'll give 2.0 a try. Fingers crossed.
Your game looks tempting, but I hear the DRM is flawed.  I'll pass this round.
For all those complaining about small plots; just put your dumps, power plants, etc... in another city, and buy/sell resources. It makes a lot more space for the individual cities.
Even if they double the size available for one city, people will still run out of room eventually. It's about efficiency  and sharing between your cities, and/or other peoples' cities. 
+John Hendricks The game is great! As long as you are okay with always being connected. The server capacity problems are gone, and now it's just bug patching, as with any other game.
I appreciate the update. 
That's not the point tho +Marc Goldfuss , we shouldn't need to do all that, that is really dumb. Now I need to load another "city" to make adjustments? With all the flaws in this game I find it very fun and i convinced several friends to buy it, but I really think the plots should be AT LEAST four times the size.
Most of you idiots are complaining cause THE GAME IS HARD. Pay attention to your overlays and population statistics. The game is VERY nuanced espexially when cities get over 150k population. Of course it has bugs, and it time they will be ironed out, in the meanwhile I am thoroughly enjoying the research process in determining what exactly is causing my region-wide gridlock. The more I play the more I realize I'm not doing it right.
+Trevor James you sound like the idiot if you say the game is hard. You can max out a city in a couple hours. Sc4 I've had it for 10 years and haven't maxed out a city!
If maxing out a city is your idea of success, you are a colossal failure.
How about the fact that you have to search for regions non stop just to find some with openings to play with others geez
Yip I failed I was trying to build a city not a town! That's why they don't have subways I don't know a town with a subway!
Even though every single one of these comments are negative I want to take the time and say thank you! Thank you for your dedication to fix the game so players can have a better experience, I have been burdened by some of the things you are fixing so... THAK YOU!!! Can't wait for the update. :)
Looking forward to the updates and whilst I agree the city sizes could be bigger it's still one hell of a challenge managing it at present once population gets over 200,000 sims. Multiple cities is the way forward! 
This game will always suck as long as it requires an internet connection. Not to mention the small city sizes, no terra forming, and no regional flexibility. Huge disappointment.
The best thing about SC4 was that you could form your own regions. You could create mountains, lakes, islands and everything. I bought the new SC, and I am waiting for the day when we will have tools such as the terraformer, etc... Give us the God-mode, where we could create gigantic regions, with bigger cities. Anyhow, I still like the new Simcity. Thanks for the updates. Listen to what your customers are saying; and keep working.
One big question, in any beta testing campaign, user acceptance is needed for the release of any software.
Who did the TEST!!! Beta participants plz reply!!
(Lot of City Bugs and Region BUGs)
Still playing SimCity 4 - it suits all over this new pos 
Since there's no hope for getting a refund all I can do is hope for best. At least I feel better knowing that I wasn't going crazy and that all of these issues are actual bugs. I really don't understand how even after beta testing the game was this bad at launch. The project lead on this one should definitely get canned. 
Note on the water problem, build your water place with the waste filtration next to the waste treatment plant which is constantly putting water into the ground. It's polluted obviously but you just have to drop the extra money on the filtration and you are good to go on water. Our just build a city that u use strictly to buy water and other service from hehe :).
If you had a real beta test of this game and not just giving out demo's till your beta-testers this fist update would have shipped with the release of the game...
I'm just waiting this to be fixed before purchasing;

- Fixed problem that prevented the game to run without internet connection

- Fixed incomplete game that let us sell you in-game content instead of selling you a complete game from the start
Who goes bankrupt? No matter your taxes, the sims keep moving in. Not much of a challenge anymore. 
Forget about macs, get the PC version upto standard! Unplayable 8/10 servers I try to connect to in aus. 
It was fun, or rather it looked fun and the beta was fun, but play longer than a few hours and... idk... it is hard to want to turn it on now.
I won't be impressed until I can actually play the game, on my Mac 
The beta was only an hour of game play and 90% of it was more of a tutorial. And obviously without the server issues. I did 2 of the betas and decided not to buy the game after waiting for it for months.

I might pick it up in a year or two for $10.

In the meantime, I reinstalled SC4 and am having a ball again! 
+Timothy Turner you have a point about offline mode.

But if you tried the game, I think you would like it.
Well after reading all the down falls over this game. I'm not so sure ill spend my money on it. I am a big SimCity player. But I for one don't play games connected to the internet at all times. If I can't play it off line I won't buy it. Good luck EA. I'll stick with SC4 and also have fun!
I tend to agree with the two primary criticisms of the game: plot size and always online. And I do hope the outcry eventually leads to change. However, my computer would NOT be able to handle the processing demands of a large city, especially if I am drawing in thousands of tourists. If they changed this you would then complain that your city is "unplayable" due to processing demands. So, do you want the highly individualized level of simulation, or do you a city with 4 million sims? Its a tradeoff, current computer technology does not seem up to the task of offering both. I think a reasonable solution is to at least provide the option, but to include a warning that processing demands might be too much. Also, perhaps it would be helpful for users to adjust their perspective a little and to consider the entirety of their region as their "city." (it would help if each of the cities were more in sync, or could be loaded faster).

Always online is just stupid. It should be highly criticized on principle, but honestly, it hasn't affected me since week one.

I enjoy the game.
+Joshua Quist lol you are an idiot. sry for being blunt but you are formulating a hypothesis on the basis of EA lies. There is no Cloud sharing of your processing demands. LOL! you can play the game completely offline the only thing the servers "compute" for you is the region information and even that small of a task the servers cannot handle a simple spreadsheet. Sry to burst your bubble.
+Anthony Narkevicius I am not basing my comment on any assumption that EA's cloud is doing anything of value. I am basing my assumption on the fact that simulations require  some degree of processing- and the assumption that more "agents" would require even more processing. I'm not sure how fast and how smoothly the game would run if it were scaled up by a large factor.
the same could be said about sim city 4 but that didn't stop me from playing the game when it is lagging up years and years into the simulation. I think it should be a given that some people will be able to run the simulation better than others. There has been a lot of speculation from people regarding the sizes of the lots and that they were larger before and were reduced in size by quite a bit pre release. Someone posted a picture showing what looks like a second border around the terrain where the "original border" would have been. I guess they do not want to put our computers to the stress test at all, or quite the opposite they don't want to load down THEIR computers with our save files :P
Booted up SimCity 4 last night. Hard to believe it's 10 years old. Yes I've played the new one and for all its well-documented flaws, it's good. Different, but good
Now I can probably get back to city building. Didn't want to build cities that didn't work in some way for not my fault. 
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