We've got news for you, dear mayors! SimCity: Update 2.0! The update, which will be published soon (More details to come later), will include several critical fixes and many smaller improvements. here's a very small preview of what's to come with the update:
• Casinos are adjusted so it is possible to make a profit from them.
• Bankrupt cities can receive financial aid from other cities.
• Recycling Center bugs fixed.
• Fixed a bug that caused air pollution to come from seemingly nowhere.
• Fixed Trade Ports that stopped working for no reason.
• Neighboring cities with a large amount of buses will only send a few buses to your city, so your city is not clogged with buses.
• Fixed problems that caused cities to not process correctly.
• Data maps and some interface elements are displayed in the standard color when using filters (except for the colorblind filters)

The above is not the complete list; expect to hear further details sometime soon. Because this is the first major update, we would like to warn in advance that it is not a simple task to update the game for such a large amount of players. When the update is released, the servers may become unstable for a hour or two, but the wait should be worthwhile with all of the new changes. 

For now, try Cheetah Speed, which has been added back to some servers! Thanks for your patience, mayors!
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