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The #1 city-building game franchise of all time!
The #1 city-building game franchise of all time!

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There will be offline!

We are continually looking at all feedback and issues reported and working on resolving them. Here are a few currently in the works.

MegaTower: Residents within a MegaTower will more efficiently find work rather than abandon the tower

Maglev: Addressing the reports from players regarding Maglevs getting stuck within their city

MegaTower: Commercial levels will no longer complain that they require shoppers whilst Residential levels request more shops

Education: Investigating education enrollment levels dropping when using MegaTowers

Performance: Investigating miscellaneous performance improvements on PC and Mac

Offline: Exploring the option of Offline Mode -

What's new in the newest SimCity Update 8!

New*: Added the option to disable Random Disasters in the Normal game mode.

Note: Random Disasters are ENABLED by default and can be disabled through the in game options. Players disabling random disasters in pre-existing cities may experience one additional disaster after making the change. This is due to the way disasters are queued within the system. New cities created after disabling random disasters and cities that have experienced the additional disaster should no longer experience further incidents.

Great Works: Now synchronize across all cities in the region
Hotels: Now develop only in Commercial zones near Landmarks, Stadiums and casinos.

New: 3D Zoning, RCI can now build under bridges, the RCI buildings will estimate the appropriate height building and develop according to the space allowed.

Medium Wealth Happiness: Medium Wealth happiness varies past a rating of 330 depending on how Sims are feeling about the city

Recycling and Garbage: Trucks now operate 24 hours a day

Recycling Center: Resource storage capacity has been increased.

Emergency Services: Fire Department helicopters will more effectively respond to fires if available

Education: Improvements and balance changes to ensure that buildings won’t go abandoned as fast due to lack of tech or unskilled workers.

RCI Zoning: RCI rollover effects will no longer persist on roads when zones are not placed in that location. The ghosting zone effect is also resolved.

Tourism: Tourist specialized cities will now be more effective when used in conjunction with public transit.

UI: HQ modules’ unlock requirements now display more accurately.
Tutorial: Mini-tutorial about radiation added to help players in the new city;

* Fallout Epicenter in the new region; Desolation

UI: Updated the legend on the radiation map

UI: Oil under building monthly calculations is now more precise

Audio: Residential buildings will now play the correct audio when selected.

Trinity Point: Trees will no longer be affected by minor graphical issues near the coastline.

* Miscellaneous performance improvements

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Come watch the live stream right now!

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Read more about the current state of #SimCity

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Read all about the first #SimCity Expansion pack: Cities of Tomorrow!

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Are you a PC or a Mac user?
Of you answered yes to either of these, hurry up and play SimCity!

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Take a peek at how the road raise/lower tool works in the next #Simcity update!

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Find out more about Granite Lake, a new free map that will be included with Update 6!
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