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Paula Potts
Posts from my food, travel and horror movie blog "I See Hungry People"
Posts from my food, travel and horror movie blog "I See Hungry People"

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Who says healthy food can't be romantic?

This is what I made my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. We don't really celebrate it, so it was really just an excuse to make food in the shape of hearts ;)

These Quinoa Chickpea Latkes are easy to make and packed full of protein and fibre. They can be an appetizer, snack, breakfast cake or veggie burger and I love how versatile they are! The best part is they go with either sweet or savoury toppings so the possibilities are endless. I topped mine with salsa, tofu mayonnaise and red chilli jelly.

Get 'em while they're hot! >>

Pin for later:

#quinoa #healthyrecipes #vegetarian


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A beautiful, rare moment captured!

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Hello Desserts community!
I love chocolate (dark), milkshakes (chocolate), cupcakes (white with buttercream) and butter I have joined your delicious looking group!
I post about food, horror movies and travel photography on my blog "I See Hungry People". My most popular post to date happens to be a dessert!
This is my take on Gordon Ramsay's Sticky Toffee Pudding - I made it dairy free so my poor lactose intolerant boyfriend did not miss out!
I hope you enjoy:

#gordonramsay #pudding #dessert #dairyfree


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What did everyone make for their Super Bowl party? I went epic with this Mac and Cheese Slow Cooker Chili!
I packed this chili full of beef and pork, three types of peppers and some whole wheat macaroni (urm, is that considered a healthy element?). All smothered in cheese and a rich chili sauce! I even tried using dairy free cheese and it turned out great, I'm really impressed with the Daiya brand.

I hope you enjoy the recipe!

#slowcooker #crockpot #chili #macandcheese #dairyfree

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Greetings Pure Horror community...I have just stumbled across this community!
I've recently watched 10 Cloverfield Lane. A bit behind on my 2016 horror. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. John Goodman is so creepy!

I've posted a review on my food, horror movie and travel blog "I See Hungry People" who love to know your thoughts!

#horrormovies #cloverfield #horrorreviews

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Hello there Food, food, food community! Loving all the food posts here!
I'd like to share my Rigatoni with Balsamic Bolognese Sauce with you, this is my favourite meat sauce of ALL time.

This rich, meaty sauce has hints of spice and sweet balsamic and is soaked up by a generous portion of rigatoni. The ultimate pasta dish for a chilly winter's day!

I hope you enjoy my recipe:

#comfortfood #pastarecipe #bolognesesauce

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Hi there foodies+ community! I've recently stumbled upon your community and all your tasty recipes!

I'd like to share my fave smoothie recipe with you. I'm a runner so smoothies are my go-to pre and post work out snack. BONUS: it tastes like a chocolate milkshake and is packed with lots of nutrients and antioxidants. Love!

The recipe can be found on my food, horror movie and travel blog: I See Hungry People:

Have a wonderful week!

#smoothie #healthyrecipe #chocolate #greensmoothie

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Winter soup makes a dreary day like today so much brighter.
An Asian twist on a butternut squash soup, this healthy, hearty soup has hints of sesame and miso and is topped with dried nori.

Recipe #onthblog

#souprecipes #butternutsquash #sweetpotato

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Hello! I've just joined this community and am looking forward to lots of yummy vegan recipes! My blog is called "I See Hungry People" and I blog about food, movies and travel.

I wanted to share this vegan gingerbread cupcake recipe I made over the holidays. The cream cheese frosting is made with Daiya cream cheese and it's so yummy, light and creamy!
I hope you enjoy!


#vegan #dessert #cupcakes

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Hello G+Foodies! I just joined your community, and am looking forward to lots of foodie talk, photos and recipes!
After all the rich holiday food I wanted to make something healthy, so I roasted some carrots, parsnips and fennel:

I'm so obsessed with fennel these days - and roasted fennel makes your home smell like licorice, so nice! Anyone else have some tasty fennel recipes to share?

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