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I drank the Google+ Kool-Aid in November 2011. But I still adore Facebook. As for MySpace... Oh, crap. I still have an account there?
I drank the Google+ Kool-Aid in November 2011. But I still adore Facebook. As for MySpace... Oh, crap. I still have an account there?

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Coaster Compendium - UPDATED to 71 coasters!
So here I am again...It's been some time since I've been to any new parks to experience new rides, and my home Six Flags park keeps adding carnival-type rides instead of coasters. However, we are planning a possible trip back east over Labor Day weekend thi...

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Recent horror gems can be found among the garbage
I am a fan of horror and suspense films. Working part-time at the world's largest family-owned video rental chain for the past two years, I've seen a lot of horror titles come through those doors. Let me tell you, the digital age has been both good and bad ...

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Wah wah wwaahhhhh...
Grrr! Justice League is still under construction, even two trips to into the season. We will be returning to the park for July 4th and I'm very confident the ride will be open by then. Stay tuned... On a related note, this week I'll be adding Goliath to my ...

Hey there, fellow Enlightened! Just joined the fray yesterday, and I'm happy to see that most of my frequented neighborhoods seem to be firmly under Enlightened control. And there are lots of portals (again, mostly green) to hack near my workplace, so those afternoon walks will have more purpose than just the health benefits!

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More coasters coming!
As Six Flags season approaches yet again, I'm gearing up with some genuine excitement because of two impending additions to my coaster conquest compendium: Six Flags St. Louis opens, as always, on Good Friday. And, as we have done many times in the past, we...

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March Madness, Metal-Style
Hey, Manowarriors worldwide! I've got a chance for you to stand up and be counted! Speak out for your true metal heroes and make your voice heard! Loudwire is taking the college sports sensation known in the States as "March Madness" and co-opted it for met...

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Re: Vatican releases new list of sins
Those crazy fuckers at the Vatican are at it again: ________________________________________________________________________________ Monday, Mar. 10, 2008 By AP (VATICAN CITY) — A Vatican official has listed drugs, pollution, genetic
manipulation and soci...

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Sweet deal on free music. Thanks, Google Play!

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Nice freebie!

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A funny exchange on Twitter
AT&T tried to sell Beelzebub a cable & internet package this week. Laughing my ass off.
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