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Me: So I'm working with Mongo DB now
Wife: Who's Mongo DB?

Mehford & Sons

"Daddy, what are chemicals?" Try answering that one so that a 2 year old can understand

What 4 year-old says "Mommy, I want your full attention."?

So, by the transitive property, does the CA Supreme Court's ruling make Santorum's entire candidacy unconstitutional, as well?

My next phone... I want enough storage so that I don't have to ponder the merits of 300 MB of Zappa audio

Remember when that guy speaking just a bit too loudly into his cell phone was a total douche? That's what it's like with Siri now. I hate using Siri in public.

I'll bet there's a decent options trading strategy around the psychology of the market using frequency of up/down days vs. total actual up/down for the market in general. Kahneman Tversky type stuff. Probably there are already many of them.

I'm like a Linux monster today... honorary ponytail for ME!

Today I went to the Steinway shop. The family heirloom I want to eventually acquire is nearly twice as expensive as I had hoped.
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