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This one goes to 11
This one goes to 11
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How to almost get a gold record in download count with no radio play and no press

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Thanks all for 56k views and counting

Now is the time to show your appreciation to one of the founders of modern computing, tag with #fatherofintervalarithmetic RT/RP

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Ohio Game Dev Expo
Sept. 14th, 2013, 10am-7pm
@ The Ohio Union, Columbus, OH

A full-day summit & celebration of local game development
more info:

Thanks for helping us spread the word!
Devin Moore

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Why should you donate to the Multivarious Games Kickstarter?

All my life, I have been told what would not be possible.  In the fifth grade, my best friend told me I'd never be a patent holder because "anything I could think of, people were already working on".  Fast forward 20 years, I have two patent awards and a converyor belt more of them on the way thanks to Verizon.  If you ever had someone tell you that it is not possible to achieve a dream, I'm asking for your help.  

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet a bunch of very talented people here locally who all want to make video games together.  We want to prove a point to the world that ''it can't be done in Columbus" doesn't exist.  Columbus Ohio is considered by some to be a football/cowtown, devoid of any entrepreneurial spirit.  I disagree, and if you are from a place like that, fighting the same uphill battle, I'm asking for your help.  

Games are not just a hobby for me.  They're not just an income source for me.  I don't want to do this cause it's the 'cool' thing to do.  For me, this is personal.  As a child, I had some hard times.  There were days when I had no place else to turn to.  When those days came, I knew I could count on games for a reason to keep going.  I need to be sure that any other kid going through that has the kind of games I had available to them.  That's why I need to make games.  If you ever experienced this from a game, I'm asking for your help.  

Help us get this project on the map, help us make a statement that the internet really is the great equalizer, help us claim a small space in the industry and we will repay the favor with games that make you feel like an 8 year old who found a place he can call home, who found people he can call friends.

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Supporting our good friend Todd's amazing tower builder/simulator
I decided to stick +Isotower on the concept section of Steam Greenlight. The game isn't quite ready for the big leagues of the full thing, but it'd be good to have some presence there at the moment.

Plus, it'll give me another reason to keep working on the game and adding content and making screenshots and videos. And it'll make me put together a real trailer.

good luck felix baumgartner on your deorbit/reentry/skydive
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