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Autumn Treadwell
You can be good without a god
You can be good without a god

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Who is behind right wing bots?
A friend created a fake Facebook account around lunch time on Friday - yesterday: He used a right wing meme as a profile photo, and had a big USA nationalist cover photo (flag, etc.).  He marked his religion on this fake profile as “Jesus Christ.”  In his p...

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From gutted to hopeful
I was gutted after the election. Gutted. To see a fascist win the election, and to hear people celebrate taking away people's health care insurance (including their own!), the sell-off of public lands, more guns, taking money away from public schools, closi...

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Rebellions are built on hope
Record-setting numbers of people protesting all across the USA on January 31. Phone lines of senators and congressional representatives jammed every day from people protesting executive orders. Public meetings with senators and senators and congressional re...

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appeal to white voters - or change their minds?
It wasn't voter turnout that gave Trump more elector votes than Clinton. As has been widely reported, it was all the white people that voted for Trump. But I fear how this fact is being interpreted. I'm already seeing people saying that Democrats need to ab...

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Dr. King confronted, was not passive, did not make people comfortable
Before it was an official holiday on the 3rd Monday of January, a lot of calendar companies put Martin Luther King Jr.'s name on January15, his actual birthday, and before I could read well, I could see words on my birthday on most calendars, and so I asked...

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How White People Can Survive The Next Four Years
Other than pushing the "heart" icon on every tweet by the incoming President, what can white people in the USA - or anyone perceived as white - do to stay safe and happy for the next four years under the new administration? Here are some ideas: When someone...

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Resistance is Proper
The pressure to be polite, to accept, to "agree to disagree", is overwhelming right now. Accept what's happening. Shrug. Don't make anyone uncomfortable. In the South, we have a saying for when something is really, really annoying: It burns my ass . And tha...

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2017 & beyond
From " The Empire Strikes Back: We thought women would break new ground in 2016. We were wrong ," by  Michelle Goldberg for Slate . However freakishly contingent his triumph, it forecloses the future feminists imagined at least for a long while. We’re going...

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love doesn’t always win
There’s a sign popping up around my neighborhood in various people’s yards. It’s produced by a group called Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX  (that link goes to their Facebook page). Proceeds from sales of the sign go to producing more signs for sale and to Lu...

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silence means approval
The day after the election, my family here in Oregon didn’t turn on the TV. We barely spoke. We stayed off of social media and news sites. Instead, we listened to music, watched some mindless movies, walked, and thought. We were shell shocked. And terrified...
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