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Trans Euro Trail - Lucy - Day 3
Tuesday 27th June 2017 After a really stormy night with some biblical style rain which necessitated a move from where we were parked up for the night, we decided to move towards our planned departure point for the morning. So we up sticks and drove until af...

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Trans Euro Trail - Lucy Day 2
Monday 27th June 2017 Another early start was planned, so as
we were parked right on the TET trail this time, we were up at 6.30 and on the
trail by 7.15am. From the start, the trail was hard packed and steady going,
wide open piste wound it’s way in a gent...

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Trans Euro Trail: Lucy - Day 1
Romania - Sunday 25th June 2017 After a few days of chores including oil
changes for the van & bikes, airport collection runs for a very tired Lucy,
(who had spent a whole night sleeping on the floor after being grounded at
Munich airport due to really bad ...

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Trans Euro Trail - A few days notes...
I'm currently sat in a roadside cafe eating a large mixed grill, some salad and drinking coffee thinking about all the ground I've covered in the last week. mmm bikes do take you to some ace places! Below are the notes from each day I've done so far with a ...

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Romania - Day 5 - The Epic!!
Blimey, I ache from head to foot! 14 hrs of riding, set off at 9.15am, got back at 2am!! The plan for the day was around 90km... however we ended up doing 187km, mostly due to losing time at various stages all day... So, we set off in high spirits, until th...

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Romania - Day 3 & 4
Day 3 was a day of driving for me, I dropped JP of at the airport so he could go home to the hospital and then did the fuel run for everyone but things got way more interesting on the night time. It was a proper party fest with a couple of local Romanian gu...

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Romania - Day 2
Today turned out to be a bit of a mini epic... 47 km covered in the mountains, (152 km for the whole day), but in true form for any decent mountain range, the distance is irrelevant and the terrain is everything! We set off around 8.30 am, heading up the fo...

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Romania - Day 1...
I set off on Saturday morning from Cumbria around 7.30am, a few stops en route, saw me pick up some last minute bits for the bikes, then collect JP from his place, call into to see my sister before heading away for the whole summer, then it was driving time...

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Last Lakes Ride for the Summer
I needed to use up the last of the rubber on my tyres before fittings the new ones tomorrow, so as it was a beautiful sunny day here in Lakeland, Nigel & I decided to get out for the afternoon and catch the evening light on the fells... Plenty of northern c...

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Michelin BIB Mousses - Trying them for the first time!
With the planned riding in Romania looking pretty tough with a full mix of terrain, I listened to the lads who've been before and shelled out a chunk of cash on both new tyres and a set of the Michelin BIB Mousses. Ouch said my pocket!!! Tyrewise, I've stuc...
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