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open source geospatial data sharing platform
open source geospatial data sharing platform


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Potential GeoNode Summit Sprint Topics

Social Synth branch (cherry pick from dialog-it/geonode:anzsm) - Luke@Eldarion
Hard vs Soft dependencies

Starter Projects - Luke@Eldarion
Django 1.4

Notifications & Activity Stream - Jeff@OpenGeo& ?@Eldarion
Notification hooks & templates
Activity stream hooks (actor, object, action)

Haystack Search - Donald@Eldarion
Various Back-ends (xapian, elasticsearch, solr, whoosh etc)

Spatial Search - Ariel@WorldBank
geos vs shapely vs geoscript?

Document & Search - Sheetal@Dialog& SimoD@WFP
Indexing strategies
Spatial links and indexing

Temporal Search - Ian@OpenGeo
Geologic time to milliseconds (DB issues etc)
Indexing into haystack?

UI/UX Review - Jubal@SpatialDev
Comparable Sites
Review Strategy ( etc)

Time Controls - Andreas@OpenGeo& Bart@OpenGeo
OpenLayers (WMST)
GXP Widgets
Timeline (mpriour?)

Twitter Bootstrap CSS - Luke@Eldarion and Ariel@WorldBank
Template refactoring
Template Block Naming & inheritance

Admin Tools - Jude@WorldBank
GeoNode Backup
GeoNode Registry

Packaging - David@OpenGeo& Ariel@WorldBank

Cloud - Jeff@OpenGeo

Project Layout & Build - David@OpenGeo
mvn build
submodules vs monolithic vs hybrid

Unit Test Suite - Ivan@OpenGeo

Integration Test Suite - Jeff@OpenGeo& David@OpenGeo

Asynchronous Job Processing - Jeff@OpenGeo

Performance Testing

Metadata and Catalogue - TomK
Flexible CSW
Metadata Upload

Upload - Ian@OpenGeo& David@OpenGeo
MapStory Upload
OSM Import

Raw Data Download
Conversion (projection or format) on Download

Security Review - ??
geonode.core ->
Group Security (django.contrib.auth.models.Group vs geonode.groups.models.Group)

WorldMap Features - Matt@WorldMap
Layer creation & feature editing
Display GeoRSS feeds as layers
Map revision history
Customized layer attribute display (title, sort order, visibility)

Print - Jeff@OpenGeo
GeoServer Print Module
MapFish Widgets
Django Templates


Community - Rollie@OpenGeo
Social (twitter, g+ etc)
Mailing Lists

Community Infrastructure
GitHub Repos ( vs
Issues Trac vs GitHub
Demo Site

Main Docs
Tour vs Tutorial
Code Docs

GeoServer Virtual Services - Alex Mandel
Let users choose a virtual service for uploaded layers
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(Re)Introduce your GeoNode Project

13-15 Prezos 2 Hours Lightning Talks (5-15 minutes each)

+Jeff - OpenSanDiego Maps - 10:00 (5 Minutes)
+Alyssa & Chris - MapStory - 10:05 (15 Minutes)
+Ole - Risiko (Remote)
+Simone & Francesco - ITHACA/WFP - 10:25 (15 Minutes)
+David - SOPAC - 10:20 (5 Minutes)
+Christian - MAPC - 10:40 (10 Minutes)
+Ben & Matt - WorldMap - 10:50 (15 Minutes)
+Jude - GFDRR (Open Data for the Horn, Mozambique) 11:05 (10 Minutes)
+Rollie & Jubal - OpenDRI 11:15 (10 Minutes)
+Alex - UCDavis ICE (Remote) 11:25 (10 Minutes)
+Joe - CFSLO (Remote) 11:35 (5 Minutes)
+Ben - GEM (Remote) 11:40 (10 Minutes)
Ariel - Caribbean (Remote) 11:50 (10 Minutes)
Ariel - AIFDR/Risiko 12:00 (10 Minutes)
+Jeff - ANZSM 12:10 (10 Minutes)

Nick - TsuDAT (Remote) Afternoon?
Josh - State HIU (Remote?)
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2012 GeoNode Summit Agenda

GeoNode Summit 2012 Agenda

Location: 61 Kirkland St., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Attendee List (Please RSVP on this document.)

Monday, February 6th
10am (Re-)IntroductionsEach returning project/team should be prepared to give a ~10 minute explanation about their team, mission, and how they're using GeoNode, what they've accomplished since the last summit, and what their primary goals and concerns are in the coming year. Please be sure
to highlight any new features that have (or should) make it back into core GeoNode.
Last year we heard from SOPAC, MapStory, GFDRR Labs, AIFDR, GEM, Harvard CGA's WorldMap, OpenGeo, and NASA SERVIR (via SpatialDev).
11am New!
A few short (15-20 minute presentations) on new projects that are taking GeoNode in particularly interesting directions this year:
OpenDRI (Robert Soden?) — GeoNode for disaster data management
ANZSM (Jeff Johnson) — GeoNode as a spatial marketplace
ITHACA/WFP (Simone Dalmasso, Francesco Stompanato)
12pm Lunch
2pm State of the App
The project steering committee (David Winslow and Ariel Nuñez?) will discuss progress since last summit in May. What's worked? What hasn't? What still needs to be done? Some attention will be given to how to properly contribute to the GeoNode community and how to work with the architecture when extending GeoNode.
3pm Branches and Forks
There are a lot of forks of GeoNode out there! Is that ok? Do we need a plan for consolidating better? How should we review and incorporate patches? Based on the introductions, all downstream projects should have a chance to explain the awesome stuff they've done since the last summit and turn them into roadmap items for integration.
4pm Roadmapping Review
Much like last year, we'll be soliciting roadmap goals from members of the community in advance, reviewing them in a group setting, reviewing the status of the roadmap items from last May's summit (e.g., what progress has been made, what needs some additional effort to go the last mile, etc.) and brainstorming for other items.
5pm Closing Remarks
6pm Happy Hour! TBD

Tuesday, February 7th
10am Opening Remarks: Back to the Core
11am Roadmapping Exercise
Like last year, we'll have a consensus-building (dot-voting) workshop to align on common goals for the sprint and medium-term development priorities. Then we'll review actionable steps to follow-up on.
12pm Lunch
2pm Project Governance
How is the GeoNode project governed? What's the deal with the project steering committee? The GeoNode organization mailing list is pretty barren, with most organizations expressing their wishes through client relationships to OpenGeo—should this be fixed or abandoned?
GNIPS: review of how that process has been working out for GeoNode
3pm Releases
GeoNode 1.1 and 1.2: What are the remaining issues? Instructions for upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1?
4pm Sprint Planning
Incorporating Eldarion's core django work, new ANZSM features, etc.
"Last mile" for outstanding roadmap items from May and other downstream projects
5pm Closing remarks

Wednesday, February 8th through Friday, February 10th: SPRINT!
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