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Paul Atherton
Digital Marketing Strategist at Changing Horizon
Digital Marketing Strategist at Changing Horizon

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Getting excited and nervous about the launch of our website. Seems like an eternity in the making, but finally we have a launch date 1st December - hopefully get a few Christmas sales!
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Republishing not regurgitation...

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Here we are on Pitch to Rich 2015.

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Looking back at some of the website's we have launched so far this year...

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Here's how to get more social media shares to your blog post. Still trying social media marketing? Here's the right way to get shares.

Website for my sister-in-law's mum is now live. European artist specialising in murals, false effects and trompe l'oeil. Check it out via this handily placed link

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My latest blog post has just gone live looking at the reasons and excuses given by various clients that didn't see the benefits of blogging as a business.

I'd love to know if I've missed any, or the best excuses you've ever heard.

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Second time I'm sharing this, but it's an excellent read for any designers - especially those who 'try their hand at web'

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Dragged from the archives of +Buffer but this is an interesting article on how your office environment can influence productivity.

Would be good to see comparable figures to see how long it takes for increased productivity to pay for LED lighting... might look into that one myself.

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I think this picture tells a thousand words... does anybody genuinely believe what they read on Wikipedia?

Having done 'battle' on a number of occasions with dubious editors, this came as no shock. Supplying a link to a far greater content page on a client's site - with no sale call-to-actions - and yet the link was removed. The argument that the other site was 'not e-commerce' was a blatant lie, and the fact that the content on the page was incorrect was 'irrelevant'.

Wikipedia is not a charity, but that is a rant for another day...
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